Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Nests ................


 Well. Yesterday was a disaster. Moving was not an option, and I fell asleep in the chair early. But I survived.  And as I speak, my daughter is making a beef pie, I gather. I was booted out of the kitchen. It smells good though.

This morning started really well, when a mysterious package arrived on the doorstep - the soundtrack to The Bible, which I won on Kelli's giveaway. I was absolutely thrilled, and I can't wait to get the chance to see the TV series here one day. Soon, I hope. Thanks, Kelli!


Speaking of my daughter, backtracking a little - she has spent most of the afternoon weeding the garden again, and digging in some new soil, so I made a vague attempt at something, and yanked some dead plants out of some pots, because once the soil dries, I will be emptying and sifting and replacing and planting. I can't wait to start the seedlings off. Jean and I were not impressed at the quality of the seedling soil last year, so this year, I will sift some and see how that works. And yes, I could start some seeds off here in the house, and I will later, but right now, I want to get the greenhouse sorted and the new cover on it, and ready the pots. All we need is a sunny day. I want the sterilised pots to dry in the sun fast. I am an optimist. The last time I said that we had snow the next few days. Just watch this space..........

Diana asked for soil for the front beds, so I walked to the place where I have the garden furniture stored for winter, and the buckets. In the buckets, I have stacked the rolled plastic gazebo walls. And today, on top of the rolled gazebo walls, I discovered a nest. Now, bear in mind I have been checking most days to see if the birds would try nesting there like they did last year, and there has been no sign of any nest building. These birds must have been working through the night, because it was a well built, deep, strong nest. I have no idea how I missed it. See - here it is on top of the rolled gazebo. How nice. 


So I called Diana, as she was wearing my gardening gloves, and she removed it and tucked it into the hedge in the front of the house, and now she is worried the birds will not find it. Hah. Little signposts to the front are not going to work. I just need to make sure they do not build another one, because I will be moving all the furniture under the bucket (and the bucket) for the spring and summer. Well. Someone will be moving it. Maybe not me. 


   Did any of you watch the inaugural mass of Pope Francis? It was on very early here and we watched the whole thing. A huge event. The sun shone too. It even shone here a little this afternoon. 

And finally, I have made 3 more candles, using all the left over wax. I am so thrilled that they actually work, and am even more delighted that I do not have to buy candles. When I think of all the wax I have tossed out over the years I wince. Now I just need to stock up on the wicks and we will be all set. 

I think that pie must be nearly ready. I am starving........


Linda said...

What a joy to have Diana with you Linds. Our girl ils due to arrive on Sunday night!

Run Quilt Knit Write said...

Could you please send Diana to come and live at my house?

Needled Mom said...

Awww....I hope they find the nest.

I'll bet that pie was awesome. The kitchen looks so festive and pretty.

Isabelle said...

Isn't it astonishing how a bird can build that with only a beak?

Hope you're feeling better today.

Vee said...

That nest is a little beauty. Love all the soft sweet moss tucked in asymmetrically all about. Your kitchen all decked out for spring looks wonderful. We are a bit disheartened with our welcome to spring and over a foot of snow so we find it where we can!

Edith said...

Very neat pictures of the nest. Hope the mama finds it. Glad there were no eggs in it.

And when did you write about making candles before?