Monday, March 18, 2013

Almost Spring......

Today, the world was very grey - dense fog hid everything from sight. But with fog comes the promise of clear skies and sun, and so it has been today - a reminder that Spring is not far away. I hope. 


All around, there are signs of Spring. One of my little crocus plants has opened up in the late afternoon sun today


Just have a look at the pretty little petticoat under the outer petals of the snowdrops - I had no idea they hid such a delicate beauty. Maybe because I haven't stopped long enough to really look before. Or have I? I can't remember. Just noticing this today has been a delight, so does it matter? I think not. 


There has been great celebration in the house, because, look! My first daffodil is starting to bloom in the front garden! Almost. Not quite there, but almost.


Have another look at the little snowdrops - absolutely exquisite. I am so glad I have clumps of them all over the garden. I do acknowledge that I tend to get a little antsy when I want to plant for summer and the spring bulbs are still there, or dying down so slowly. But maybe this year I will remember the delight, and not be so hasty to move on. Wishful thinking, perhaps. Me and my garden..... things happen out there, and I just love, love, love it all. 


Now, for Mother's Day, my daughter bought me a beautiful bunch of tulips. I,. on the other hand, bought my mother a huge bunch of daffodils yet to bloom. Daughter won the day then, but hah! I win today. They are all in bloom now, a week after Mother's Day, so we get extended delight. well, that is my thinking. We have daffs in the house. This is great for Spring. I LOVE daffodils. 

However, I don't pick the ones in the garden. I think they look lovely out there, so that is where they stay. 

I am moving slowly today. In fact, I have ground to a halt. That would be more accurate. My head doesn't seem to belong to my body because I have the headache to end all headaches. So I have been sitting in a chair most of the day. And right now, I am headed back there. 

I will be back..............


Linda said...

I love all your flower garden pictures Lnds. They are all just exquisite.
Praying for relief from that headache.

Run Quilt Knit Write said...

Love the new look blog! Hope you are starting to feel a bit better - horrible headaches are the dreaded end! Enjoy the start of spring - we are weeks behind you I fear!

Anne said...

I hope you're feeling a little better now.

Take care and think of snowdrops!

Needled Mom said...

It is nice to see that the pesky squirrel did not get all of the bulbs!!!

I love the daffodils! They do say spring to me.

I hope the headache goes away quickly. Those things are dreadful.

Edith said...

Hope you are feeling better. The pictures were cheerful - thanks for sharing. Love reading your thoughts - thank you.