Sunday, March 17, 2013

The world is going crazy........

It is my considered opinion today that the world is going crazy. 

When the government is able to rush through retrospective laws to circumvent the appeal court ruling on workforce illegalities and prevent the repayment of money to young job seekers, when a barrister (legal professional) gets to decide what kind of chairs a church in a village in the middle of England may buy, when the size 10 (UK 14) is regarded as obese, you have to wonder what the heck is going on. 

What is happening to common sense? It seems to have been lost along the line. 

And am I the only one who sees the problem of lack of jobs being closely linked to the sudden raising of the retirement age, insistence on people continuing to work into their 70s, having an affect on the number of jobs available to the young people? And add to this the government's desire to be in control of children's lives (in nurseries) from babyhood, so that their mothers can go back to work and earn money as soon as possible, therefore becoming tax payers. Then they wonder why generations of children potentially have no morals, don't know how to behave and grow up to be problems in society. 

AND do not get me started on the idea that stay at home Mums are lolling about watching TV all day, and are not productive members of society. And are seldom treated with any form of respect. 

And then there is the so called bedroom tax, where people in social housing, are having to pay extra towards their housing if they have an unused room in their home. In itself, this is not a bad idea, providing common sense is used. But if a married couple have to have separate rooms, because one needs a hospital bed, and therefore there is no room for the other to sleep in the same bed, and uses a second bedroom, and then gets penalised because of this, the world is indeed going crazy. 

I understand perfectly that, should a single person be living in a 4 bed-roomed home, provided by the state, they could move to a smaller home. That is providing any such homes exist. And in so many cases, they do not exist. And what if that second bedroom is used to store equipment used to get around, like wheelchairs? Or equipment used to run youth groups as a volunteer? Does the youth group fold? 

I need a soap-box to stand on. 

Oh yes, a dining-room is going to be called an extra room. This is from the same government which advocates families spending time together. Eating around a table apparently doesn't count. I am losing count of all the things which raise the blood pressure. A while back, I suggested on Twitter, that Mr Cameron come to tea, and invited him to bring his entire cabinet, because I have things to say to them all. I have yet to have a response. Believe me, I have plenty to say. None of which, I think, has ever crossed their minds before. And, should anyone think I am being party political here, forget it. It doesn't matter who is in charge, what party they belong to, they are all the same. I have zero confidence in any of them, and God help us all, there is another budget this week, so we will all have more taken away. It is inevitable. I have no idea what is left to take away, though. 

And so, in an effort to breathe and be calm, I will tell you that we awoke to snow - heavy sloppy wet stuff which didn't stick around. Apparently it snowed again while we were in church too. It remains grey and damp and gloomy. Church was not grey or gloomy. It was multi-sensory church. Actually, it was so funny - we all arrived to a very strange smell which had half the congregation coughing. Jasmine incense. So half way through the service, our vicar asked if we liked the smell - NO, everyone roared back. You just had to laugh. 

A squirrel has dug up and eaten a pot of bulbs. I found soil all over the path, and some empty bulb skins, and the bulbs I had been watching were gone. This is the time I go to war with the squirrels. At least the squirrels have come to dinner, and not avoided me. 

Oh well. I am now going to look for an oasis of sanity somewhere. Has anyone got any ideas?


Sandra said...

We are living in a crazy world Linds. I am often shocked at the ridiculous things I see on a daily basis.

There seems to be no love anymore, no compassion and not common sense, and more and more people seem to be constantly on the attack. Everything is taken as an insult, everything is criticized and mocked and judged.

I don't understand, every single day I feel more and more out of place in this world.

Tigger said...

Not sure about the oasis of sanity but once I've found it you'll be the first to know ! As for the squirrels, try putting holly all around - and orange peel on the garden works well to keep cats away.

Anonymous said...

To find out if you are obese you need to calculate your BMI not know your dress size. However if you are a size 14 then yes your BMI probably is too high (mine is). It is science not opinion.

As for stay at home mums. I don't have a problem with that but I honestly think that many women believe it is their right to have children when in fact it is a privilege. If you know you can't afford children then wait or don't have them if a stay at home mum is what you want to be. Why should I pay for women who can't afford it just because I waited until I could?


Mary said...

Hello Linds, let me get on that soap box with you because the same type of things are happening here in the States. The whole world is going crazy, everything everywhere seems to be upside down!

Run Quilt Knit Write said...

I rather think you should be running the country - I think you would have Britain back on its feet again in next to no time ;-)

Olson Family said...

I'm with Mary - same issues here in the States. Our current President is only a few years older than I but we apparently grew up quite differently. Work ethic and responsibility for oneself - not responsibility of government to take care of self - is an area we clearly differ on. Maybe you could include President Obama in your invitation to tea?

Anonymous said...

I completely agree, in fact I got on my blogging soap box about the same thing not so long ago.

I'm sure we all know people who are directly affected by these "fair" cuts. It's devastating for many.