Tuesday, August 01, 2006


  1. Cooler days
  2. Rain for the garden
  3. 2 sons who have been a great help in different ways
  4. Daughter's safe arrival back in NZ
  5. A reminder that people are more important than things

There is a MOUSE in the garden shed. I do not do mice. Where are men when you need mice evicted? I am not into humane things when it comes to rodents. I went to get a chair in a bag thing from the shed, and so help me, this grey (little) thing shot out the top and over my shoulder and ran away. To my credit, I did not scream. I just zapped inside and bolted the doors. I need industrial strength mouse dispatching stuff. I don't care that it was little and probably a field mouse and some might think cute. Tough. It probably has a very large mother and father lurking somewhere like Jaws.


Daughter dearest said...

I think you mouse in your picture has an obesity problem. Saddlebags that Trinny would be proud of

Linds said...

The other photos were poxy little things. And it grows larger the more I think about it. This one is just fine, thank you. It will soon be an ex mouse. Hah!