Sunday, September 16, 2007

Happy weekends and naps

Now where did the weekend go? It seems to have whizzed by too quickly, and I need another one now so I can rest and relax. And nap.

Susan at Penless Writer, has awarded me the "You make me smile" award, and I am both touched and honoured. And a little amused too! It certainly made me smile this evening as I sit here. Thank you, Susan!

On Friday evening I managed to get my calendar completely snarled up (well, the diary thingy on my mobile phone, which beeps at me to tell me where I should be) and found that I was supposed to be at 2 dinner parties, a concert with friends, and fetching and carrying my son about town. At the same time. Yes indeed. I have yet to discover how to be in multiple places at the same time, so it took some grovelling and speedy exits to make 3 of the 4 happen.

And then I came home at midnight to watch the "highlights" of the humiliation of England's rugby team at the hands of the South Africans on TV. My older son was delighted, as he supports the Springboks, and I was not, as I support England. I am thinking of applying for the job of selector. I mean, what are they thinking of playing old men (of 36) ??????????? Where are the young ones? It was a joke. It was a disaster. Sigh.

I can't actually remember what I did yesterday, but it did seem to involve moving about rapidly too. Oh yes, I know I took 600 photos to show Glynis, and bless her, she valiantly plowed through the lot. A true friend! I also seem to recall falling asleep in the rocking chair at some stage of the evening. I did do more, I promise. I just seem to have misplaced my memory.

Today I woke with my brain racing through lines of questioning. Hmmm. Enough of that. Church was lovely. I am so glad I moved to this new church across the valley. It was Harvest service today. And then a BBQ at the babes, with Jean as well. Sitting out in the sun (and rather strong wind) was lovely, only I needed to come home and have a nap afterwards. Good grief. I am getting old. I seem to be talking about dozing, sleeping, naps all together too frequently.

I love weekends. I love spending time here at home pottering about, and having time to spend with friends. I love the warm sunny days we have been having. I know it is autumn now, and I can see that in the garden and as I drive about. The leaves are starting to fall, and soon the trees will be bare. I think my favourite seasons are spring and autumn. There is that magical golden light at sunrise and sunset, which is gentle and warm and glowing. Not harsh. And certainly not grey and revoltingly dull. I don't do grey and dull. But then, I suppose, there are the fires you can sit in front of, and the pots of home-made soup bubbling away, and Christmas, and snuggling under puffy duvets......... there is always something to look forward to. And snow. I like snow. It is not grey.


Dawn said...

Thanks for coming to visit my neighborhood! It is good to have a look where people live, that is true.

My, what a popular girl you've been this week-end! I hope you get the calendar thingie figured out.

I'm with you - I don't do gray well either! I LOVE autumn. Spring is good, but not long enough here, and always gets snowed on.

Linda said...

I think you are becoming quite the social butterfly Linds :-) All those things to do at once. Actually it sounds like fun.
This is the one time of year I miss living in the north. We don't get much of a fall season here. It is still in the nineties right now. I am longing for the first cold front which may be weeks away yet. All of the things you describe about fall are the things I miss.
Once winter arrives I am very content to be here. I don't miss all that gray - as you so rightly call it.
And naps - I really love a sunday afternoon nap.
Congratulations on your award. I know you always make me smile too.

Morning Glory said...

Ah, Linds, I do so much love coming to your blog to read. It's like sitting down for a chat and a cup of something warm to drink.

Susie said...

Sounds like you had a really busy weekend. Congratulations on your smile award. You're most deserving!

Penless Thoughts said...

Yes, I'm smiling yet again!

PEA said...

Hi Linds:-) Finally catching up with all your news...I'm so behind with everybody! Sigh! I need more hours in a day to visit all my delightful friends...unfortunately life tends to get in the way! lol Congratulations on the Smile award, you certainly deserve always make me smile:-) You really have had a busy time of it lately, it's no wonder you need another nap! Autumn is fast approaching here as well, the temperature has really cooled down (only 9c this morning) and the leaves are starting to change colours...I LOVE this time of year:-) You take good care of yourself!! xoxo