Sunday, September 09, 2007

Sport and airports

Today started with an unscheduled zap down the motorway to Heathrow to deliver my cousins to their plane. Here is some sage advice should you ever visit the UK...... DO NOT plan to travel on the trains on a Sunday. Most do not run, or are replaced by bus, or they are digging up the lines or whatever. In other words, you will end up irate, inconvenienced and in no way thinking Sunday type of thoughts, as you try to move from A to B. You have been warned.


I made sure they got to their plane on time. In fact, I think they were 6 hours early, but at least they were there. It was lovely having family visit, and now they are with my sister in Switzerland for part 2 of their trip.

Look, Barb! I had a couple of hours free yesterday, and decided to try your no-sew blanket, and here it is. I was really pleased with the result. I could not find any fleece in the shops, so I got 2 of the cheapest ever fleece blankets from Ikea, and chopped them up to make this, and so it cost me less than £4.
I am sure the next one will be easier, but cutting it on the floor was not ideal. I am too old to crawl round for long. I had to go to the blog to check how you did the knots, but worked it out in the end.
The Rugby World Cup is on at the moment, and will be for the next 6 weeks. The Americans and Canadians played so much better than I expected. They both lost, but the games were good. I LOVE rugby. England are the current World Champions, although they have not played well since the last World Cup, and were unimpressive yesterday too. New Zealand, Australia and South Africa were amazing. And if any of you do not know anything about rugby, switch on and watch a match for a while. Then tell me what you think.
Yesterday was a mega sporting day for England. Rugby, Football and Cricket. And England won all three matches! And then there was the Grand Prix today and the tennis is on as I speak in the States. I want Roger to win, of course. Such a nice young man. I sound just like my grandmother. A sporting feast indeed!
We had wonderfully warm days last week, and could well have more of the same this week too. And I make no excuse at all for simply spending most of today sitting and resting, and snoozing a bit too. (While I watched the rugby!!)


Barb @ A Chelsea Morning said...

Well look at that adorable throw, Linds! And how clever of you to buy a couple of cheap ones and cut it up to end up with this one.

I can't believe you did this on the floor. Oh my word, Rob would have to call 911 and get an ambulance over here to pick me up if I stayed on my knees long enough to cut all those strips. LOL

You did a great job with the knots. I love the border it creates.

I can't even pass the fleece at the store any more without thinking about the lovely throws I could make. Saturday I saw the SWEETEST soft gray teddy bear print with just the slightest touch of pink in it.....and I have a new grandbaby on the way who may very well turn out to be a GIRL.

I've created another addiction, haven't I.


Isabelle said...

Ho hum. You make no excuse, do you not? I'm not at all envious of your lovely long relaxing day. Hmm.


Susie said...

How clever you are to make such a cozy throw! I couldn't do it on the floor, although I used to cut out a lot of my patterns that way...

Morning Glory said...

That really looks like a cozy, snuggly blanket!!