Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Last day of holidays

Yesterday was sort of a "taking care of business " day. You know what I mean. Cleaning, tidying, washing, tossing out, making phone calls etc etc. The upside of that was that:
  1. The cutting board and bits have arrived at the school so I can go and collect them later this morning. It will be strange to see everyone again, and not be a part of it all, but I am still happy with my decision to leave.
  2. The car battery was replaced free of charge. Well, I do believe that 4 months is a little short for the expected life span of a car battery, especially when the lights were not left on or any other stupid reason for its demise. It was a rogue battery. The car goes. That is all I require it to do. Whenever I switch the engine on.
  3. The photos are being developed. The machine finally recognised my USB thingy and obliged. I will collect them later today.
  4. Book club was good last night. I managed to stay awake. This is always a bit of a challenge when I am curled up on a comfortable couch, warm and relaxed. I tend to drop off. This is obviously why church pews are so uncomfortable. To keep you awake.
  5. The house is sorted for my cousins to arrive later today. It will be lovely to see them and to catch up. Our children grew up together. Well, when they were little, before everyone moved.
  6. And I chatted to Diana for a little while on messenger, and she told me she had had her hair done, and I KNEW WHERE THE HAIRDRESSER WAS! This was why I had to go and see where she lived.

So there you have it. The weather is a little cooler than I would like, but there is no sign of rain, and autumn is certainly in the air. When I spoke to Mum and Marge, they said that Switzerland has had no real summer at all, and now the snow is expected down to 1300m. They are at 1000m where they live. It has been an unusual summer.


Dawn said...

It has been an unusual summer in lots of places. Ours was quite good, weatherwise - no fires, an occasional rain, heat, but not incessant. Now a hint of fall in the air in the mornings. I will be thinking of you often in these upcoming weeks as you decide what to do with your life, and as the courts decide some things for you!

PEA said...

Well you certainly had a very productive day and now I hope you're having a great time with your cousins:-) I'm glad that you don't regret your decision to leave your job at the school...nothing is worse than regretting it after the fact! xox

Isabelle said...

Oh, I know exactly what you mean about Diana and her hairdresser. I always felt much more connected with my two when I'd been to the places they were at university and could imagine them there.

I'm not going to wear purple, by the way. That would be going too far.