Wednesday, September 19, 2007

I cleaned my house. You need to know that.

Barb, you would be proud of me. I did my whirling dervish impression around the house this morning armed with duster, mop, vacuum etc, all whizzing at the same time, of course. I did not, however, move the furniture, because it is quite happy where it is and so am I. I do not want to know what may lurk underneath. I can't see it.

Not content with that, I zapped outside and started hacking away at all the dead parts of the garden, as the garden refuse collection is on Friday, and I will not have an empty bin. Zapping, whirling and whizzing are my 3 new words. Speed. Not a word normally associated with me. Not if you could see what I look like trying to get up from the rocker. I curl my legs under me and sit on them (yes, Mum, I know you keep telling me not to) and then lose the ability to walk and do my crone impression. Not today though. And did I mention the loads of washing I tossed about too? Then it rained. The washing is in my kitchen.

Please tell me you all end up doing what I do.... I take some towels to the bathroom, say, and see that the basin needs cleaning, so I clean it, and then decide to clean the mirrors, so go and get the mirror cleaning stuff from the kitchen, and see a cobweb there, so put the mirror stuff down and go and get the feather duster, and see the bits that need vacuuming behind a door, so go and get the dyson..... you see where I am going here? And then I spend the next couple of hours retracing my steps and doing things in reverse. Sigh. Maybe Barb needs to start a cleaning school. I need to organise myself.

Why am I starting every second sentence with "not"???????


The house is no longer a tip. I have worked out that I can plough through paperwork and make calls and do research for a maximum of 3 hours at a time, and then I have to do something else. Like go for a walk. Clean things. Active stuff. And reading or trying to sit and rest is not an option, because the brain thinks it is still in work mode. Nothing I do is going to bring him back. I will just do my best on the day, and that will be good enough. Tomorrow we are off to watch a contentious inquest. Life is such a social whirl! I may just have to do a little more retail therapy afterwards. We will see.

This has to be the most interesting and uplifting post of the week. The only exciting bit was when David and I went to help Louise move furniture into her new studio. Up a ladder, as the stairs have not been built yet. I always knew all those hours at gym would pay off!

And now CSI MIAMI is about to start, so I am off to sit on my feet again. I will be back.


Angie said...

Linds, I love, love, love to read your blog. It's like a breath of fresh air. I could sit here all night and read old posts but I need to go to bed. I can totally relate to finding Facebook and staying up half the night!

You have commented on my blog once. I live in Maputo. We have really good friends who lived here for two years but just returned to England - to Hemel Hampstead (hope I spelled that right) and we hope to visit them in April.

My husband backs the Springboks and was also happy about their victory over England!


Louise@theLightHouse said...

I hope the dervish is resting because she has AN EARLY START tomorrow!!!!!!!

Morning Glory said...

I LOVE your sense of humor!!

meggie said...

Hugs Linds. Keep your chin up!

Dawn said...

I just caught up on yesterday and today - my mind does that to me, too. And that's how I clean house (only I haven't lately!) You are right - Barb needs to teach us how, and then give us a shot of whatever energy she has - she amazes me.

I know this is a hard time for you. Thanks for keeping your sense of humor intact.

And why DO we call it fall instead of autumn? Autumn is such a pretty word!

Barbara said...

Hi! Linds
Have not visited you in a while so there were many posts to read. I do so enjoy them, you have an interesting way of writing and you are funny and real. I seee why Susan gave you the make me laugh award.
I must come back and read everyone of y our posts.
Having just returned from h oliday I have been tackling horrible neglected chores and am just about to post on them too.
Your village looks nice and I was trying to see if I recognised anything but I did not.
Blessings to you.

nancygrayce said...

I clean house exactly that same way. Only sometimes after going to take the towels in and noticing I need to empty the garbage, I start off with the garbage only to forget what I was doing and where and why I was going.....It's sad! I came to your blog through Dawn's and I'm enjoying it!

Barb @ A Chelsea Morning said...

OK, so I think I figured this out. Over there, you call it a garden. Over here, we call it our yard. Right?

And trust me, I don't move the furniture when I clean all the time either. I did this time, but you know, this time was a serious fall cleaning attack. I'm almost over it now. I'm almost well. LOL