Monday, September 24, 2007

It is wet

It is wet. It is not only raining, it is raining horizontally. You will be pleased to know that according to my BBC (in London) computer weather site, I am sitting in glorious sun. However, the weather forecast on my Facebook page, which, is AMERICAN, says it is raining. Sigh. It is indeed raining. Wet globs of water. Large wet globs. I know. They fell on my head.

Updated to add: It appears we were hit by a squall.... a line of mini tornado thingys. Branches everywhere and some considerable damage to cars, houses, etc. OOps. I did think the wind was rather odd. And the horizontal rain....... My house is fine, thank you. I am lucky.

I am procrastinating, as you might be gathering. I should be cross-referencing hospital notes. I will do it. After I have had more coffee. At this point, could I just add that I wish I had a friend who was a medical secretary and who knew HOW to cross-reference these things.

One more thing. You know I said I need to learn how to be a barrister in 3 weeks? I don't. I just need to be me. I am not a lawyer. I will not be pretending to be one. I am just a woman who is intelligent and articulate who has a big heart and that will have to do. David did not take up the offer of armour when he faced Goliath. That was not the point. Neither will I. I am not naive either. The fancy barristers might think I am a sitting duck to line up in their sights, but I am placing 100% faith in the fact that I have the ultimate advocate, and that justice and truth will prevail.

And that many prayers will help.


Penless Thoughts said...

I am placing 100% faith in the fact that I have the ultimate advocate, and that justice and truth will prevail.


Kelli said...

No one has the passion of convictions in this as you do.

You will be wonderful :)

Barbara said...

You have hit the nail on the head. My prayers are with you that justice will prevail.

The line sqall (as the BBC) are calling it hit right across my garden about 8.0 am. For the time it took to pass, about 30 secs. it was scarey. No damage though, except many rose heads on the ground.

Lori said...

My of my! Glad you are safe. We had a similar thing this past summer. We did not hear the tornado whistle blowing because of fans and air conditioners running. It started to get real windy and the kids howled that the kittens were flying off the deck! The wind howled and it started pouring rain. I thought it was a pretty wicked storm, but way after the fact we found out that we should have been taking cover. A tornado passed nearby. We were very lucky. There was only tree damage luckily out in open fields. Scarey stuff!

Morning Glory said...

Your weather sounds frightful. While we were gone this last weekend, it rained a great downpour here at home. We've needed the rain and I think all the forest fires are out now.

I don't remember what the date of the inquest is. I pray you'll be courageous and strong when it gets here.

PEA said...

Oh dear, thank goodness you had no damage to your house from that wind! Isn't it funny how depending on which station or home page you read or listen to, the weather forecast is always different! lol You, my dear, will do just fine in said it right, be yourself!!! Honesty and integrity will win over anything!! xoxo

Dawn said...

My goodness, I am so behind. I just caught up and am in awe of your beautiful writing, your thought processes, your creativity. I am so glad we "met!"

Linda said...

Bravo Linds!! You do have an advocate and He will do the fighting for you. I know you will do an outstanding job. You are very articulate and very smart and you are right - so there.
I will most definitely be praying for you.

Susie said...

That sounds like quite a storm. We're basking in really gorgeous sunshine here.
You certainly have my prayers that all will go well in court.