Friday, September 28, 2007

The spark of creativity flickers....

Well.... that didn't go quite as planned. The last person to use the sublimation printer was me. In July. So help me, the notes I used are still next to the computer. And it does not work. There is a leak in the tubing for 2 of the ink colours, and it is defunct. Everything comes out in various shades of pink. Now, I have nothing against pink, but when every photo of your sons is PINK..... that is a slight problem. Sigh. I can assure you that they would not be seen dead in pink. I now need to wait till it is fixed. I will not be holding my breath.

So we ate the chocolate cake I took in, and I left. (And right now the rugby is on, and it is a crucial match for England and I can't bring myself to watch...... 19-10 to England at half time. They are playing Tonga, and will be humiliated beyond belief if they lose.)

The urge to be creative is pressing at the moment, and as the weather is going to be wet and grey, I may well start some of those projects I have waiting for me this weekend. At least I can see my sewing table! This house is in dire need of reorganisation. I need to be ruthless and toss out loads of "stuff", and may change 2 of the rooms around. Just thinking about it is enough to bring on an attack of the vapours. I have just glanced at my scrollsaw, which is still living in the corner of my kitchen, and I can feel the need to start on some woodwork striking as well. And I can just see my mother rolling her eyes in her head as she reads this and contemplates more sawdust seasoning on her food, like last year.

Ho hum....... I am now going to curl up in the rocker, watch the rugby through my fingers, and contemplate my creative options. You will be the first to see the results.

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Barb @ A Chelsea Morning said...

I've been doing a little catching up here, Linds, and your peppercorn story make me laugh out loud. I tried to think how on earth you could get them all up without doing it the way you did, on your hands and knees, and I couldn't come up with a solution. I mean, a broom would only scatter them. I never even though about it but you can be very sure I'll be really careful next time I fill my peppermill. LOL

I'm feeling creative too. The kind of weather you're having is just the best kind for staying indoors and doing something crafty or even useful. :)

I'm always working on projects but I'm really, really getting in the mood to sew.

By the way, your friend's "garden" is amazing. No wonder the kids love it!