Thursday, September 20, 2007

Shops are good

Oxford is a nice place, I am sure. However, the only times I go there are for slightly not nice reasons, so it tends to colour what I feel about the place. I have taken friends to the hospitals there for tests, visited friends in hospital, seen Geoff through 2 heart ops, been there when he died, had meetings with his doctors, and been to inquests. Fun stuff? Maybe not.

This is where the inquest will be heard, by the way. Those windows on the right of the photo as you look at it, are the courtroom.

We went today, and sat in on another inquest which had lawyers and cross questions etc, and it was, again, interesting but not too intimidating. And afterwards, just imagine walking out of those doors...if you turn left on the pavement, you go to the old jail, which is now a very nice hotel (the rooms are all old cells) and a Krispy Kreme place. Now I have never been there before, but we stood and dithered about what to try for ages, and I can happily report that the apple crumble doughnuts are delicious! Coffee was not bad either. And it started raining, so we walked at speed (the days of running are gone) 5 minutes down the road to the right of those doors, and arrived in the shopping area. Back to M&S to browse. Sigh. The image in the mirrors was not a glorious vision, especially after the hair got wet and started to levitate. I dream of "chic" and "elegant", but seem to be doomed.

I have decided that I will, from now on, view Oxford as a shopping mall. And forget about the rest.


Chris said...

Funny, I thought it would be ever so much BIGGER than it looks. Why is that?

And as for the Krispy Kreme? Ugh. Can't stand 'em. They're like eating sugar-coated air. Give me a good old hearty doughy piece of warm homemade bread slathered with butter any day of the week!

Hugs from Itchville...

meggie said...

Blah, I just dont like donuts full stop!
But I hate the look of grim buildings like that one. Watched too many TV courtroom dramas I suppose.

Susan said...

I continue to admire your attitude and spirit, Linds!!