Tuesday, April 22, 2008


I finished re-marking a set of folders at 1am this morning. I was cross eyed. One set down and 5 to go. Each set is at least 28 folders. And each has at least 15 pages inside. I am doomed. The reason I am re-marking is because the "parameters have changed". You know what "they" can do with their parameters???? (I must remember that this is a family friendly blog.....)

As I was driving home this afternoon, the temperature was 18 degrees C. Positively summer. I even went into the garden and sorted out the pots for the seedlings. And then I decided enough was enough, and had some coffee. Coffee features prominently on this blog. I don't drink tea, even though I live in England. And I am rambling yet again.

I took one look at the garden furniture and it is in a sorry state. Nothing some elbow grease and bleach won't fix, but it seems to be an unattractive shade of green. I would take a photo, but it may put you off your supper. So I am resisting the urge.

Yes, to all of you who have suggested changing jobs. That is something I am working on and praying about. What happens with me, is that I apply for a job I am quite happy to do, and within 24 hours of them getting to know me, I am scheduled in to do 10 times more than I expected. The jobs seem to expand, and then it becomes difficult to say, hey, I would rather be doing what I came here to do. You know what I mean? And the pay packet seldom expands at the same rate, may I add.

I do not want a high pressure career. I just want to do something which enables me to pay the bills, and have a life. And preferrably, to be doing something I love. I am way past the ladder climbing thing, and my priorities are very different to those of 30 somethings. 30 somethings do not understand people who are not interested in ladders either. It is inconceivable to them. I am not my work. I have said this before. And I refuse to be a statistic. And face it, I am no longer 25. Or 35. Or 45 for that matter. Enough of that.

I don't mind trying something new, and I don't mind challenges. And now I have another challenge in the form of a pile of folders waiting for me to get back to them, so I am off. I want to be asleep long before 1am this time!


Kelli said...

Good for you for knowing what you "don't" want. So many people just do what they must without thinking, then it's 50 years later and they've missed it all.

Now, get some rest young lady!

Vee said...

Could I ever relate to your comments about not needing to climb the corporate ladder nor needing to have a career. What's wrong with a job? That's what I want as well, but so often, they look at my résumé and wonder why I am sitting there...because I want a job! Really, people, it's terribly simple.

Unknown said...

I am wishing you all the luck in the world. Wouldn't it be great if the job that you want just appeared one day ? Like "Here I am!"
Keeping you in my prayers.

Linda said...

I was just talking to a friend (even older than I!) today about working. I haven't worked in a zillion years and have absolutley no marketable skills. I don't have a clue what I would do.
My ideal would be a book store with a tea/coffee shop. Of course then I would never have any money to take home because it would all be spent before I walked out the door!
I pray you will find something you love doing Linds.

Anonymous said...

A wise person once said, "You should start the way you intend to continue." First day back and you're marking till 1am? WHAT ARE YOU DOING? I'm not even sure if some corporate ladder climbers work as hard and are committed as you. Do the leaders at your school expect you to be marking till 1am?

I'm figuring it's 10pm your side of the world now (as I write this)so off you go to bed now. Snuggle into that pillow. Take care now.

Jeana said...

Isn't the weather nice?! I couldn't believe it yesterday when I found myself in short sleeves and not cold!

Coffee---oh yes.

Needled Mom said...

That was the part of educating that my mother always hated more than anything else.

A new job????? Check out my new blog as I may have found the perfect one for you. lol On a serious side, it is nice to be in that over 30 group where you have found out that life is more important than jobs.

Barb said...

I completely understand, Linds. Every job I ever had, as soon as they saw my work ethic, they started piling on the "extra" duties. And never, ever was I interested in climbing the ladder. I simply wanted to go to work, do my job, go home and do my real job.

Like you, I need to help pay the bills. But at this stage of my life, it has to be something I love doing.

I'll admit though, I'm just about sick to death of sewing. And I STILL don't have my little shop opened. Sigh.

There's a seven week old baby here right now who could explain that for me. :-)

Susie said...

Hi Linds,
I think grading is one of the things teachers enjoy least (according to my "resident expert") Lots of after school hours spent doing that when she'd rather be spending time on her family!
Hope and pray you can find something that suits you to a "T"

Anonymous said...

I so hear you! I actually love my job, but the 30 somethings don't understand my lack of ladder ambition. The find it hard to believe that I don't want "their" jobs. I make enough and enjoy my job ... that is all I want from a job. I have another life and that is the one I want to excel at. Loving my Lord, loving my family, serving as I can, enjoying His creation. Those are the things I want to pursue. I enjoy reading your blog.