Friday, April 04, 2008

Friends to play

I have great friends. I could just have mentioned this once or a zillion times. This morning, early, Nicky called and suggested we go for a stroll around the bird sanctuary, and so she collected me, and off we toddled. It was grey and misty, but very still.
And yes, I did say BIRDS. However, sheep and lambs seemed quite at home with the birds. I am known for my accurate observation skills when it comes to birds. Small brown bird, medium brown bird, large brown bird etc etc. I can can identify a robin if it looks at me. And a seagull, though they are not frequent visitors to Middle England. Flamingoes, but they don't seem to be local either. What else..... PIGEONS! Providing they are standing in Trafalgar Square. Doves. And that is about that. Another glaring omission in my education.

But LOOK! A swan!! A bird!

Anyway, it was a lovely walk, and so nice to have some company.We never have a problem finding things to chat about!

The sun came out just as we got home, and 5 minutes after Nicky left, Louise and her son Peter arrived. The boys disappeared to challenge each other on some computer game, and Louise suggested we escape and go to visit a craft shop. You can see that I am taking to the resting idea really well. The fact that Louise has a new sports car, with a roof down has absolutely nothing to do with my speedy scramble to gather up sunglasses and wallet, and off we zoomed. I was born for this. I was resting. I just sat there looking mysteriously "incognito" behind my sunglasses as the wind whipped through my hair. (See... I am trying to conjure up an image of glamour here. Hahahahaha.) And then I had to climb out of the low-slung thing. Hmmmm. It should have a crane attached to the roof mechanism. But I emerged. Eventually.

We wandered around the craft shop. It is months, if not years since I have been there, and it was amazing how many new things they had in stock. I didn't know where to look first. We have decided that our lives are incomplete without a Cuttlebug. And we oohed and ahhed over so many bits and pieces. Fortunately I found the bargain box, and had great fun choosing a few new things. "Few" being the operative word here. I was very sensible and just had some cash with me. Limited cash, you understand. They even had a book on artful blogging. That was new to me. Anyway, I was very restrained. And then we had to lever ourselves back into the car and come home, playing loud music. Of course.

Once home, David gave me the parcel from Amazon which had been delivered, and apart from his birthday present, I had ordered a book for me to read while I am RESTING. So I have spent the rest of the day on the couch doing just that. I haven't read any of the Elm Creek books before, and I got one with the first 3 books in it. So far I am loving it. So right now, I am heading back to the couch and my book. Because I listen to medical instructions and I do things they tell me to.

See? I am going to rest.


Isabelle said...

Ooh, I'm the first to comment.

Happy belated birthday, David. What a lovely son (with a lovely family).

Yes, Britain is rather rich in little brown birds, isn't it? We have greenfinches and bullfinches in our garden at the moment, though, which makes identification easier.

You're feeling a bit better, then? Good.

randomthoughts said...

I am just racking my brain to work out how I can have your 'rest' experiences without the injury part?
Let's see, I would need a lovely friend who likes to go for walks (tick). I would need some water (tick - I live near a lake with lots and lots of fat seagulls and skinny ducks). I would need a shopaholic daughter (tick). The sports car is a big BIG problem (I have an open bicycle?. I think she might even come to a craft shop with me (I'll ask).Did they really have a book on artful blogging (that would come in very handy). Good Book and lounge(tick).Linds, you are truly inspirational. I'm off to visit the ducks now. Take care.

Crystal said...

I'm glad to hear you are finding things to do with those you love while you rest :)) And I have a box coming from Amazon soon too - what a coincidence!

Oh, and I meant to tell you that I posted as Heather earlier this week - sorry about that. We are sharing the computer this week and I forgot to check which one of us was logged on. She had fun reading a few of your posts.

Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

Ahhh, yes, you do have superior resting skills!

That photo of the swan is exquisite. I had to click on it to see it very well, but it is frame worthy.

Enjoy your books, I'm off to see what in the world a "cuttlebug" could be.

Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

Ahhhhh, I found it: Cuttlebug.

No wonder you want one; now I do, too!

Dawn said...

Okay, that was my first thought - HMMM, I thought Linds was supposed to be RESTING??!! Well, keep trying.

Needled Mom said...

Sounds like a wonderful way to rest. Glad that you have such terrific, caring friends to ease the pains. Enjoy your book.

Susie said...

Hi Linds,
Well a walk isn't too exhausting is it?? Glad you're also able to catch up on some reading.
Get plenty of rest!

PEA said...

Hello dear Linds:-)

It seems I'm forever trying to catch up with everyone these days! lol Happy belated Birthday to your son David...they do grow up too fast don't they! My oldest Shawn will be 30 on April 12th...doesn't seem possible. After all, I'm still 29...AHEM!

Anyway, I love your way of relaxing! hehe Funny you should mention being in a sports car with the top down...I was gone to town today and while waiting at a red light, I noticed the car next to was a bright yellow sportscar with the top down:-) It looked so low slung, I wondered how one gets out of it! lol

How wonderful that you have a bird sanctuary to walk around at and how delightful to have seen a swan! I can't wait to see a robin around here, then that will mean Spring is really here:-) We still have a lot of snow but it's finally starting to melt thanks to the sunshine and milder temps we've been getting the last few days!

Read Morning Glory's post today that you and she will be meeting up in exciting that is! Wish I could join you both:-) xox

Midlife Mom said...

I sure like your way of resting! It sounds perfectly delightful, without the injury of course! I clicked on cuttlebug to see what it is and now I WANT one! I have the Cricut and I like that but I am a gadget hound and that cuttlebug looks like fun!! Thanks for the idea!! Take care.

Bax said...

Popping over for the first visit! I found your like at Vee's...isn't she just a doll...and am so happy I came by! I've enjoyed reading about your days and am so sorry you're injured! Take care of you!


Barbara said...

The early morning pics look so peaceful.
Happy Birthday to David.
Thanks for your encouraging comments and yes I would like to turn my story into a b ook but where to start is the big question.