Thursday, April 24, 2008

Oh the shame....


You remember I spoke about a friend who would come and see the hot water problem here? Well, I actually got round to calling him tonight and sure enough, he popped in. And asked a very basic question. Have you checked the switch board? Has the switch tripped? Ok, 2 questions then. And the answer was no, I have not, and so help me, yes, it had tripped. He flipped it up and we roared into life. I am ready to dig a hole of humiliation. How can I not have checked???? I know better! I have checked the board for a zillion other reasons, like whenever a light bulb blows, and this time? Of course not. The brain is fried. I am not myself. Well, that is my excuse anyway.

But, as I speak, we are gurgling in a promising fashion. Or rather, the hot water is. It better keep working. I am not ready for more mortification just now. And when I think that Derek, another friend, offered to come round the day after it broke to check it out and I SAID IT WAS UNDER CONTROL........ Oh the shame. And if, in a couple of hours time, I am NOT sinking into a hot bath, you will hear the screech across the waters.

This blog has reached new heights of excitement. Hot water, and plumbing are the hot topics. I need to get a life.

Today was the National Union of Teachers strike. I am not a member of the union, and I have never been in the middle of a strike before. You learn more every day! The school day was shortened and only 4 year groups were in, and 3 were at home. However, I spent the entire day whizzing about, either in class or doing all the data collating. And I am happy to announce that all the folders are done. Till tomorrow, of course, when I teach more classes. I don't think the strike will work, by the way.

And tomorrow is Friday. Oh what bliss! It has been typical April weather at the moment, a mix of sun and showers and I can't wait to get out in the garden. Hopefully this weekend will bring time to clean the chairs and tables. Not to mention the house. I require all visitors to remove glasses as they enter, because at the moment, it is looking slightly neglected. Um...a LOT neglected. And the allotment is about to be plowed and scattered too. I have potting soil, and the beans will be started. I live in hope of a big harvest this year. Last year's beans were pathetic. I killed the lot, and have no idea how I managed that.

I think I am going to go and listen to the sweet sounds of gurgling hot water cylinders now. This is so exciting! Hot water!

I may even pat it.


Chris said...

Oh Linds, I'm feeling your pain even as I roll on the floor with laughter. :-)

That sounds like something *I* would do!

So glad you're back to warm-water-without-carrying-it bathing!

Needled Mom said...

Oh...don't you just hate the humiliation? Guess it's good for us.

So glad you are enjoying the warm waters of a soaking bath.

Hope the weather holds for a good working in the garden this weekend. Enjoy.

Kelli said...


Well, by the look of theclock you should have been soaked up good and tucked in for the night.

And I feel you on the house thing. Lawsie, I feel you. Yet, somehow, I just can't bring myself to care enough to "do" anything about it :)

Morning Glory said...

You're so funny! I'm laughing my head off over here across the ocean. I hope you use some of that new hot water to relax and drown a book in.

Susie said...

Look at the plus side: It was an easy inexpensive fix. That's got to be a true blessing for you! Now go enjoy a nice warm bath!

Dawn said...

I did something so similar - my oven wasn't heating up. The guy comes out and finds the plug has somehow worked its way halfway out of the socket - how that happens when the socket is behind the stove is beyond me! How embarrassing - and he charged me the service call!

I am so far behind -

Crystal said...

Oh, I can relate to this too! You are not alone at all. I'm glad it was such an easy fix. Enjoy your hot bath - you deserve it.

And I think of you daily, with the workload and your stories of school. I have decided to resign from my fulltime position and go on the sub list next year. It seems to be the best way to buy flexibility and be able to play with the granddaughters, travel and create things while still earning some money. I hope I'm right!

mary said...

When I find myself in such an embarrassing situation I pull out either of my two well worn explanations - menopause or early-onset Alzheimer's. Feel free to borrow either. Well done for finishing the marking.

Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

No shame! No mortification! A lesson beautifully and well learned that's all.

Janine said...

Oh Linds, I had to laugh! We've all done things like that but most of us keep very, very quiet about them. Looking forward to seeing you soon. X

Bax said...

Well, we all have to be humbled by something now and again so just be thankful it was just forgetting a little ol' switch! LOL!! Oh, this is so something I would do! And have done! When I was a single mom I was forever calling my dad (who lived 2000 miles away!) and he would talk me through so many things! : ) He even talked me through fixing my toilet once! I was so proud!!! LOL!
Take care!

Judith said...

Oh Linds, The best part of this post was that you may pat the water. I loved that. I am so sorry you were inconvenienced so long, and those dumb, stupid work related rules just complicate our
lives more.

Some times, even if you remembered
the switchboard, you're going to have one of those days. But I pray they become farther apart for you.