Sunday, April 13, 2008

More bits and pieces.....

It is the London Marathon today and as I speak, thousands of people are preparing to run. I, on the other hand, think the best way to join in is to watch from my bed. With coffee. Propped up all warm and cosy with my book at hand. I am energetic to the absolute extreme. Mind you, I will do the Marathon one day. It is on the list. But then so is jumping off an Alp with a parachute, and we could just be deferring that one too.

There is a lot I could have been writing over the past 3 days, but to be honest, it was hard to top the visit to London, and I am still grinning about that. Everything else seemed a little banal.

The fact that I HAVE NO HOT WATER is another minor irritation. My fixing failed. Don't worry. We are indeed clean. It involves making a decision to fill the bath 30 mins before you actually want to recline in it, many pots, a kettle and a son as a runner. I see it as exercise. And exercise is good. I will get it fixed. We do live in a first world country and I am not considering searching for a copper thing to use in the middle of the kitchen. Yet. But right now I am so frustrated because G replaced the element not so long ago, and it was a simple procedure. To him. And I did not watch. I know where to get the element. I know where it goes. But the rest?? Hmmmm. And I also know what "the man who fixes things" will charge. I could make an exotic trip instead. Sigh. I will have to surrender and this time I will absolutely stand there and breathe down "the man's" neck so I learn something.

So apart from helping someone choose a new kitchen, and going to Twickenham to watch rugby yesterday...... Did I mention the rugby? We went by coach. 15,000 supporters from our home team. I will never ever make another coach trip as long as I breathe. The seats are for stick insects with 3 inch legs. I have bruises on my knees. And not to mention the seats at Twickenham, which ensure that you get very up close and personal with the people next to you, while your knees support the ears belonging to the person in front of you. But it was fun, and we had a great day. The fact that our team actually won a cup is indeed a blessing. And we were in good voice. I am surprised Jeana didn't hear the roars from Central London.

My friends as we arrived. We were heading off to find coffee. And muffins.

Some of the supporters/fans!

Now THIS is a scrum. A rugby scrum!

And this is the amazing cloud we saw when we arrived back home.


Needled Mom said...

I am still laughing over your description of the seats on the coach and the rugby match. As they say, "been there, done that."

So sorry to hear of your dilema with the hot water. I doubt there is anything worse...Yes, please pay close attention to the repairs this time. I think it may pay off in the long run.

How are you healing? We need an update.

Midlife Mom said...

I have enjoyed getting caught up on your last few posts. You have been one busy gal! So nice that you could meet and visit with your friend Jenna. This blogging makes the world a much smaller place doesn't it? Oh, I would not have liked riding on that coach, I am tall and my knees would have been up around my ears! I feel a twinge of claustrophobia just thinking about it! Now nice to be able to visit London, only 70 miles away. I have never been there, yet. Your post was so interesting about how different it is in your village then in the city and how one dresses and walks. I suspect it is the same here, I just don't go to the city much. New York City is 6 hours away and I don't like going there anyway. Too many people and tall buildings. You asked about my patterns for my wallhangings. Sometimes I buy patterns and then just use what I want from them and sometimes I find things in children's coloring books and adjust them or just magazines. All depends on what I'm doing. More intricate things I have to buy a pattern or book. Now I am headed to my studio/sewing room/workshop to finish the St. Nick one that I have been working on all week. Thanks for such interesting posts, I really enjoy your blog!!!

Linda said...

Hi Linds,
Congratulations on the win!! It looked like a fun day.
I'm with you - I believe events like marathons are best enjoyed sitting comfortably at home. I cannot imagine running all those miles!
I loved your post on the London trip. One of these days I simply must get to England.
Have a great week Linds!

Isabelle said...

I admire people who run marathons but I really don't see the point. No one will ever chase me for 26 miles, and if they did, they'd catch me after twenty yards. Being fit is good, but not being that fit.

Sorry about your dove, by the way. If you'd been nearer, I'd have sent Mr Life. Sorry about your hot water too. Very serious! I need my baths!

Susie said...

I'm laughing at the way your described those seats! I don't know how tall you are, but I'm quite tall (5'10") and am always battling for enough leg room!
Glad you had a fun day :)

mary said...

Some of my more successful marathons have been won from my couch.Totally see it!

mary said...

P.S. Forgot to mention that I am now in training for the couch Olympics. I have set myself a grueling regime. More than happy to pass on any fitness tips.

Dawn said...

I am also 5'10" and get terribly claustrophobic on airplanes!

My nephew at West Point ran a 31 mile race yesterday! More than a marathon. I don't get it.

You should visit my niece's blog (she lives in London and has a very interesting perspective).

meggie said...

Haha, I am with Mary for the couch Olympics! Sounds just my type of marathon.
Glad you enjoyed the day out, in spite of having to support ears on your knees!

Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

You make me laugh... "Knees supporting ears"!

About the there no web site that can help with that? I find lots of homeowner tips that save me a dollar or two. Isn't it unfair that the folks who can least afford to hire a handyman are just those that must? Oh well. I must not whine.