Sunday, January 01, 2012

Hello, 2012........

So here we are - the first day of a brand new year.

 Blank pages on which we will scrawl our story. My brother-in-law has just informed me that the world will end on 21 December 2012 according to Nostradamus, the Mayans and the Swiss radio. Just so you know. He added (with a shrug) "C'est la vie" or however you spell that. My French is non-existent. 

Indeed. So, if Nostradamus is correct, then living out each day full of joy, thankfulness, with eyes wide open to see the small things we overlook so often, is a great idea. 

Back to the blank pages. 

I love the idea of blank pages. Oh, the endless possibilities!

I also have a "thing" for new notebooks. Especially ones with tiny squares. 

So I love scrapbooks. I love quilts. I love little squares. There is a link there. Lttle boxes all so very different, combining to make beautiful pictures. Not so stunning separately but perfect when melded into one. 

I don't make resolutions. Long experience has taught me it is a total waste of time in my case, and it brings great dollops of guilt when I fail miserably to keep any of them. I do not need shedloads of guilt to burden my days. Guilt does not inspire joy, after all.

Bev has a great idea when she talks of setting goals instead, and she is wise when she makes those goals achievable, not impossible. Her post today is well worth reading, so pop over and do just that. The art is in getting the dreams and the reality to dovetail. Of course I want to trot around the globe. The reality is that global trotting will have to wait. BUT there is no reason on earth why I cannot have a goal of exploring new places this year. 

So I am not going to rush to make the list of goals, but I will be doing it in the next week or so, because time flies, people, and the new year is gathering momentum as I speak. I do not want to wake up and discover the fact that one month has vanished already. 

We stayed up to watch the fireworks from London last night, and they were absolutely spectacular. We had a few moments of wondering how the nation could afford to explode all those millions of pound notes (recession), but decided that it had to be superb in the Olympic/Diamond Jubilee Year. Quarter of a million people lined the banks of the Thames to watch. We do fireworks beautifully. Expensively. 

I finally fell asleep around 2am, so it was no wonder at all when I tried to get up this morning, and found that my right leg was willing to move, but the left was on strike. So morning flew by and was gone in a flash. But I have been for a short walk this afternoon. Fresh air was an essential if I was ever going to be fully present in the new year. Lack of sleep has undesirable effects when you get to stare 60 down the barrel. (I have a year or 2 to go still, but it is on its way. Unless Nostradamus was right, of course....) 

My joy knew no bounds when I finally started moving. Think plod. Plod. Plod. 

It is all in the small things, you see. 

There are 7.5hrs left of 1/1/12. I need to go and find the diary.........


Vee said...

I am closer to the barrel than you are and I refuse to look down it. I'll be looking back at it before I look down it. Goodness, you can be dramatic! LOL! Now I have just recently been hearing rumblings of this Mayan prophecy. Are we going to have to listen to this for the entire year? Are our nerves not already on edge? Gheeesh. The first time I hear D*iane S*awyer gush and quiver about this one, I'll probably have to pop my new tv in its shnoz. Aren't you glad that you brought that up?

Hugs to you...get all the fresh air you can and then bottle some and mail to me. I'm convinced it has healing properties.

The very happiest 2012 to you! Don't you worry, I'm fairly confident that I'll be wishing you a happy 2013 as well!

Linds said...

Ah, Vee, you do make me grin. Yes, I am pretty confident we will be here next year too.

My TV may also be disconnected if I have to listen to doom and end of the world stuff all year too. It can't be on every channel though. I hope. There are always cartoons.

The Bookworm said...

I love the way the London Eye has become a focal point for the New Year celebrations. My favourite modern London landmark. Funny to think it was only intended as a temporary structure for the Millenium.

Happy New Year! May it bring you plenty of sleep and minimal plodding, along with all other good things.

PS. When I reach the end of the overtime tunnel (end of January / February) which is currently swallowing most of my afternoons I'd love to meet up in MK again.

PPS. Love that the verification word is "warmer", just as the temperature has plummeted!

Linds said...

That is an excellent idea, Bookworm. Just let me know when the time suits!

Linds said...
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Needled Mom said...

London is going to have an incredible year and I see lots more fireworks to come.

I am beyond resolutions too and I am well past the barrel!!! Goals are much better anyway.

Happy new year!

Becky said...

Don't talk to me about looking down the barrel of 60! I'm IN that barrel, but I must say it is a lovely place to be. I am enjoying my 60-somethings.

I would love to be in London for New Year's Eve some day.

Happy, happy New Year, Linds, and I can't wait to share part of 2012 with you!