Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Tree-wrangling and strikes......

Thank you for all your lovely comments. Sigh. It is such fun to be able to get excited about something now and then! No, I had not thought of selling them - I was just on a roll again. I never know when to stop when I make things I like!

And, feeling suitably festive, and because the sun is shining, I decided to do some tree wrangling. I unpacked the huge tree, which is now 35 years old, I think, and got the branches into piles to check the wing span. I wanted to see if it would fit where it always goes, only that is the spot where Mum loves to sit. It almost touches the ceiling. So, with the bottom branches in place, I started moving it from one place to another, and NOTHING WAS RIGHT. My festive spirit deserted me, and I ended up putting it back where it has always been. The family agreed. Mother will have to sit somewhere else. David did the branches. And that is where we are now. The tree is in place. It is still as beautiful, even bare, as it was all those years ago. The process took most of the morning.

It is still November, so there is no way I am decorating it until December. That would be tomorrow. And the lights had better work. Can you tell that the mood is not quite as serene as one would want for festive decorating???

My heroic efforts to relax and de-stress were not helped last night by being woken by the phone ringing after 11pm. Someone wanted to talk to Stan. Who does not live here. "DO YOU KNOW WHAT THE TIME IS?" I bellowed, after leaping in the air and hurdling the footrest to get to the phone, thinking Death, Disaster and Dire things.

Poor kid. I think he will remember the time for a while. 11.08PM.

So I made coffee and was ready to fix the universe. Adrenalin does that to you.

Adrenaline surges do not aid relaxation.

The nation is on strike today. The massive Public Sector, rather. Supposedly 2 million people are striking re pay freezes and pension adjustments. No matter which party is in power, and this is global I think, they face horrible decisions re getting out of the massive debts our countries are in. The bitter irony is that the bankers, who caused it in the first place, sit in little ivory towers, and seem to be totally untouched by the way the rest of the world is having to pay for their lunacy. Jobs being lost, pay frozen, Inflation rising. Economies slowing. And yet there is so much which does not make any sense to me.

Take for instance, the fact that the government says we will all have to work until we are 67 before we can retire. And so they want everyone to work, in a time when thousands are being made redundant. Chance would be a fine thing for many of them. We also have over a million 16-25 year olds who cannot find work because there are no jobs in a stagnant economy. AND THEN - get this - they announce that they are providing free nursery places for two year olds. SO THEIR MOTHERS CAN WORK FULL TIME.


When there are no jobs anyway?

And why would they want to put all 2 year olds into state funded nurseries when their mothers could be raising them themselves at home, saving the tax payer billions? But then, they reckon that the tax generated by mothers at work will fill the government coffers, I suppose, and provide more money for citizens (the mothers) to spend, fuelling the economy. Chickens and eggs, people.

I come from what seems to be a dinosaur age. I so firmly believe in mothers being giving the respect they deserve for choosing to raise their children themselves. I despair at times.

Oh well, rant over. I need a Milo drink. Only I do not have any. It is like Horlicks. Ovaltine. Hot malted milk. I loathe milk, but could do with the soporific effects Milo brings. Coffee may have me back here in an hour expounding on something else.................

It is turning into one of THOSE days around here.

Day 30: For freedom of speech and thought. For a forum to voice those thoughts and opinions. For cuttlebugs and paper and snowflakes and thread. For medicines. For hope. Faith. Trust. And for the fact that it is Wednesday, and my son is cooking again tonight!


Needled Mom said...

It is all a mess, isn't it? I agree that mom's should be the ones raising their own children. They have the most invested in the process.

Your tree looks so natural and beautiful. Your mom might just move her chair under the tree if you try to change things on her!!!

Anonymous said...

You sum up the situation so well, it's a pity the govenment don't understand it. I think we should run the country.

Vee said...

(Why? Because some governments would prefer that we become Socialists or worse — Communists. Mothers belong home with their children. Fathers deserve a decent wage that will facilitate that. Banks can be held to the line by people deciding which bank to do business with. They say the end must come. I'd say that this looks like the beginning of those end times.)

And all of the above has us looking for comfort and joy more than ever. I tell you we do need some Christmas! Your tree is gorgeous. It's making 1976 look great. Hope that mother found a new home and that you get no more late night calls.

Isabelle said...


I agree with all the rest but what are these?

Linds said...

Embossing/cutting machines for paper and card. Great fun especially when making cards or scrapbooking!

Kelli said...

I have been reading about the impending strike for awhile now, but finally understand it better. Thanks for the perspective :)

Meggie said...

I loath milk too, but I love Milo, and make mine with just hot water. Don't miss the milk at all.
The work/retirement is the same over here, and in NZ. It seems ridiculous when the young can't get jobs, and the old are dying 'in the traces', so to say.