Friday, January 19, 2007

End of another week

It was only last Thursday when I made the suggestion that, while I wasn't impatient or anything, I wished that God would hurry up. And let me know what this great plan He had for me actually was. I have always known that there was a plan. It just remained shrouded in mystery. If I am honest, it is more likely that I just didn't want to actually do whatever it was, or it didn't suit. Or I preferred to make the decisions. Anyway. I have been reminded with a vengeance, that He does actually answer prayers. I wanted fast. He moves fast. I will be a little more careful about what I ask for next time. Fast can be too fast. Now He is standing there, dusting off His hands, just waiting to see what I will do next.

This is what a giant leap of faith is all about. There is no way on earth I can meet the challenge, unless I have His help. I am not good at leaping into voids. The thought of bungee jumping leaves me cold. Not in this life time. No way. And giant leaps of faith don't even have those rope things. This is all about having to actually step into the water before it parted. I could really do with a long chat with Moses right now. He must have felt even more trepidation than I am feeling. I still can't tell you exactly what the challenge is. I have to wait. Sigh. I know. It is driving me crazy too.

Enough of cryptic musings. It is the weekend, and I can relax. The winds have died down, and Andrew's fence is being repaired, I gather. Thanks, Ginny! You are a star. And just round the corner too. Katherine, our Kluge scholar, is settling down in Washington, and please, someone, tell me why that is pronounced in a way that rhymes with boogie? Diana is in a tent somewhere in New Zealand, and I have the house to myself for a couple of hours. This is a very rare event.

Did I ever mention the incident at school which involved me chasing 2 girls around the site? I caught them skipping classes and when they took off at top speed to evade being frogmarched to student services, I followed. Up and down stairs etc, till they hid in the toilets. Hmmm. Well, they were excluded for 4 days, and when I looked at my class list for today, one was due to be in it. I waited till half way through the lesson, when she was engrossed in the embroidery machine fun, and I mentioned casually that we had met before, hadn't we. She mumbled. Yes. It appears that I will never have any trouble with her again. I control the access to the embroidery machine. She even offered to stay late. She would probably have carried my bags to the car too. She likes embroidery machines. Whatever works, I say!

Have a lovely weekend, wherever you are.


Morning Glory said...

A couple weeks ago when I had to speak in Sunday School class I felt like Moses. It was just terrifying to think of getting up in front of people. My fear almost overtook me, but I had to lay that fear before the Lord and let Him use it. I know what you mean about needing to chat with Moses.

Have a lovely weekend.

Anonymous said...

Fun to read your cryptic musings...



Anonymous said...

I find a lot of faith by reading about Moses. Hope you ahve a great weekend!