Saturday, January 20, 2007

Just a thought

Leaping into the void. There is an alternative way of looking at it. I can see it as a paragliding jump. Now that I may consider. With someone in control who is clearly not me. Me alone? No, that would be a very rapid one way plummet. Messy too. But in tandem? With someone controlling the ropes and canopy? Who knows what He is doing, and is a professional? All I have to do is run when He yells run and not freeze at the edge of the cliff. Or go into reverse or cling on with my finger nails. Look up, not down. Then, oh then, I can be lifted up to soar over the valley, and see what a bird sees and fly. He knows the ropes.


Anonymous said...

I love this imagery!

Anonymous said...

This put some very vivid images in my mind, too, Linds. I've read your last couple of posts. I hope you're enjoying the weekend and relaxing. What a week! Mine was a little crazy too. I'm hoping things will be much calmer next week.