Monday, January 08, 2007

Monday mutterings

I walked out of the classroom this afternoon, and the floor was absolutely covered with bits of thread. And a few sequins. The cleaning ladies will not have been thrilled. I cannot tell you how time flew with a really lovely class of 20 girls, all of whom wanted to know more, try things, and get things right. It was a hive of activity. Sewing machines, embroidery machines, cutting boards, groups trying various hand stitching, some using embellishments like buttons and sequins, and some doing those wordsearches I made with textile words. They had fun. I had fun. One asked me how long I would be at the school, and I said as long as it took to teach them how to sew. You will be here years she said. Hmmm. We will see.

I have just been to bookclub, and as always, that was good. Next month is our 150th book club meeting. We were going to go away for a weekend together, but now have decided to go out for a celebratory meal. I will give you the stats next month. And the list of the top 10 books so far. We will also need some photos too of course.

Reading has always been a great love of mine. I need to have books in a pile waiting to be read. I must work out how to put a list in my sidebar. I will have to go to blogging basics101 and see if they can help. Shannon and friends are wonderful. I wish it had been around when I started up. Having said that, I have not managed to do much so far. I can do hyperlinks and photos. I want to know how to cross out words with a line. I can't work that one out. And how do I contract my family friendly blogroll to a click-able box. Sigh. Can't work that out either. Or how to put 100 things about me in a sidebar. Groan. Maybe I should start again. With the basics. And Mr Linky thing? Hah. No chance. I feel like a toddler in the techy world.

BUT....... I can make coffee. I have made endless cups this afternoon since I have been home. Tessa arrived, followed by Julia. Lots of coffee. Lots. I am rambling. Too much caffeine. Obviously. I have nothing exciting to report. Maybe tomorrow.


Katherine said...

Your lessons sound like proper textiles. We could have done with you in my rubbish college course!

Sorry I didn't get a chance to say goodbye properly last week, I'll won't see you til May now, which is sad. I'm starting a blog though, which I'm sure you'll be pleased to hear!

Langdon babe said...

Yay! I'm pleased to hear that too!

Anonymous said...

How fun to teach a sewing class. That would be my dream job!

It takes a while to learn how to do all those things but here's one I can help you with immediately.

To write a word and then put a line through it is called a "strikethrough."

When you're doing you post, make sure you're in html mode (not compose mode). Simply put <*s> immediately in front of the word without leaving a space and then put <*/s> immediately after the word, again with no space.

(Remove the asterisks. I had to type it that way to make blogger publish this comment.)

When baloney shows up in your post it will have a strikethrough line going through it. Easy, huh?

The sidebar stuff is trickier. One word of advice would be to make sure you make a copy of your template code and paste it into a document. That way you'll always be able to restore your blog if you mess anything up.

At A Hen's Pace said...

It's been fun to read about your teaching adventures! Home Ec sounds so fun.

Since Barb explained a strikethrough, the only other thing I might be able to help with is the Family Friendly Blogroll problem. A quick Google search brought up this page which looks like it has the code for the option you want. I hope! Give it a try.

And thanks for the birthday wishes! You helped make my day. :)

Anonymous said...

I agree that Home Ec sounds fun...can I come over and you can really teach me how to sew???

I guess I technically know how, I've made a couple skirts and simple stuff but I could use a refresher course...and some tea - or decaf!!

Anyway, I love the list in the post below...

Anonymous said...

Coffee??? You drink COFFEE??? I thought it was a law that all residents of the UK had to drink TEA exclusively! :0)

So glad you asked the strikethrough question! I wanted to know that one myself.