Wednesday, January 03, 2007

So it's off to work we go

Training day today. That was a first. I think there are 5 teacher training days a school year, when the staff all go in, with no kids at school, for meetings, training and to listen to the focus for the next school term. I was told at the end of last term, that I would be teaching 7 hours a week from now, but they did not tell the other faculty members till today, and happily, they were pleased rather than aghast. I have only been there 5 weeks, and somehow it seems like I have been there forever. Do I have a clue what I am doing? Um.... well.... no, not really. BUT.... I will make a plan. I have yet to be given the teaching scheme, or find out what the kids have been doing, or find out where I am actually going to be doing the classes, or in fact who are in the classes, but I am sure I will discover all tomorrow. Shriek. I had better find out all tomorrow. I have lessons to plan for Friday. Oh heavens, that is just a day away. Calm, girl, calm.

I got to play with the new laser cutter today. Oh what joy. It is a large piece of new machinery, and not only can you design and cut or engrave wood, plastic, etc, but it even cuts and engraves FABRIC. I hauled out some fleece and it is amazing. Just super. I can see that I will be staying late to experiment a lot. It was installed today, and the man was there to demonstrate all. The kids will also really enjoy all the options it provides. So, what with sublimation printers, laser cutters, embroidery machines etc, I will have plenty to try out.

January. I have been reading what all of you are saying about the start of a new year, and it is wonderful to see so many hopes, dreams and such determination to grow and become "more". In the best sense of the word. The "more" is focussed on personal growth, and this is so important. We can't stand still. We have to keep growing, don't we. Putting the past behind is so much easier in January, when we say goodbye to the old and ring in the new. And so many of us are saying the same things. I loved what Tonia at Intent had to say about her family's new year plans. The idea of listing something each member of the family hopes to achieve on the calendar at the start of the year is wonderful. And writing down ideas and plans for the year, and dreams. Such a simple idea, but one I will certianly be using each year from now.

I wrote a few days ago (last year, actually), that I bear no resemblance to the woman I was at the start of 2006. I hope to be able to say that again at the end of this year. I don't want to be the same. I want to be continually growing, evolving, becoming the woman I am supposed to be. Every person I meet has the potential to change something in me. Every place I go. Every experience I have has the same. Both good and bad. The temptation to cling to the old and familiar is the worst thing any of us could give in to.

On the subject of change. I actually did my make-up wearing my reading glasses this morning.(I fell asleep with them on, and woke with a particularly attractive dent in my nose, so had to keep wearing them.) It was not a happy event. I need an urgent appointment to have the highlights done. I can't remember when last I saw the hairdresser, but I suspect it was nearly a year ago. They will never remember me. There is no earthly way the grey could be considered a highlight. My hair is long, and I wear it up. Maybe I need to have it all cut off. Or a complete makeover. Or plastic surgery. Or something. Gulp. Or maybe I should just resolve never ever to wear my reading glasses when I look in a mirror again.


Morning Glory said...

I love the way you write. You always leave me smiling.

Good luck with the lesson plans.

I'm afraid remodeling one bathroom is quite enough, thanks anyway!!

Amy said...

Thank you for your prayers and encouragement. We are all doing better this morning. The decision has been made and we all know we have done all we can at this point for my dad. God has been faithful to us every step of the way and we continue to seek His will.

In His Love,

Anonymous said...

I'm contemplating a "do over" on my looks!
This strike has left more than a few gray hairs and my skin...dryyyyyyy!!
So you ain't the only one, sister!!

Anonymous said...

thanks for stopping by my blog. I haven't seen any other blogs from those living in UK.
I look foward to reading your blog!