Friday, January 05, 2007

Still swimming

I survived. And if the fact that the kids stayed in at lunch break to keep on working, and then 3 stayed for 35 mins after school because they wanted to do more means that it went well, then it went well. The senior management representataive, who was there at the start and stayed close by to see if I could cope, actually came in near the end to take photos of them all engrossed in the embroidery machine, and also of their work, as he was so impressed with them. So. I think I swam. I think. The kids want an afterschool club to learn how to make other things. I, on the other hand, am crawling with exhaustion.

Today we had 2 teachers in the department. 2 still not there. More chaos, and more frantic scrambling for work for the kids to do. More running between classes. But we coped. Hopefully we will be back to normal next week.

Tomorrow, after a slow start (well, that is the plan), I will take down the Christmas things. And do something about the tip. Like clean and vacuum. Maybe I will wear my glasses so at least I can see what actually needs to be done, and not rely on my imagination. Ginny gave me a basket of hyacinth bulbs for Christmas, and they are all in full bloom and smell wonderful. Like spring. She also made me the most amazing fruit cake, with glazed nuts on the top. Ginny is family. She is my daughter-in-law's Mum, and absolutely super.

I have just dropped David at youth club and popped in to Tesco on the way home. (The biggest supermarket chain in the UK). I went to buy some cheese. That cost £1.44. So how did I manage to spend £46???????????????????? This is why I don't go shopping if I can humanly avoid it. I felt the need to buy cut price Christmas tags and ribbon. Baskets and notebooks. Colouring books and crayons for the babes. My life is incomplete without a striped notebook. Of course. Some puzzle books for mum, and a couple of books for me. 2 bud vases. Good grief. I must have lost my mind somewhere. And did I mention the extra box of chocs? CSI is on... I am off to watch and relax.


Anonymous said...

can't eat anything when I watch!!

Anonymous said...


Thanks so much for delurking for my birthday present! Hope things go better for you at school. Your supermarket trip reminds me of going to WalMart here. I can't get away without spending at least $50, even if all I go in for is shampoo!