Thursday, January 18, 2007

Wind and more wind

So we don't have any snow or ice. Yet. But oh boy, do we have wind. Planes grounded, trains stopped, trucks blown over, trees down, power out, structural damage across the country, and it is revolting. The house is fine, but my garden bench/gazebo thing ended up in my roses. It weighs a ton, and was almost impossible to lift alone, so heaven knows how strong the wind was that knocked it down. My son's fence is down too. At least we have power and warmth. And apparently winter is due to arrive this weekend, with snow as well.

School was a marathon of crowd control today. Heaven knows what causes the change, but it could be the wind. They were off the wall all day. When I was asked what should go on the agenda for the departmental meeting tomorrow, I suggested compulsory boot camp. Especially for the 15 year olds. Or employing a few marines with full battle gear to patrol the corridors. As long as I keep expecting the tomorrows to be better, I can cope. This week's trick is to crawl under the desks in the computer rooms and switch the mouse and keyboard cables. Just perfect. 25 kids all yelling that the computers don't work. At the same time. Shriek. Then we ran out of coffee in the staffroom. Now that is a real emergency. If my caffeine levels drop I become slightly unreasonable. Interpret that as meaning "Do. Not. Cross.Me."

I have just been to supper with 2 friends, and it was lovely sitting in front of an open fire chatting after eating far too much. Now I am so full I need to go and run somewhere. Or just go and fall into bed. But my sense of humour is restored at last. David has finished his exams, and today's was dire. The only good thing is that everyone agreed it was awful, from all the schools around here. Including teachers. At least they are over for a few months now.

I am now going to waddle off upstairs. Waddle is a perfectly apt description. I do believe I have eaten enough to keep me going for a couple of weeks. Groan.


Anonymous said...

The whels to repair the fence are in motion. Ginny

Anonymous said...

the food must have been very good
Good for needed the break!!

momrn2 said...

I'm so glad you were able to have what sounds like a very lovely time with a couple friends!!

And if the food was also that good... well, what an added blessing!! :-)

Anonymous said...

Supper sounds great! I should do that switch mouse & keyboard cables trick on my hubby but then again he might not find it so funny!!! Hope the winds settle down!