Sunday, January 28, 2007

Sunday reflections

Coming home on Saturday morning to this lovely bouquet of flowers was such a wonderful surprise. My daughter sent them to me. No, it is not a special event, she just sent me flowers. She is a gem. I grin every time I walk past them.

This has been a lovely weekend. David and I went to London yesterday to stay with Andrew and Ann, and it was great to get away. It was so nice to do nothing..... just relax and enjoy being with my boys. And daughter-in-law too! Diana called us and spoke to everyone as well, so that made it even better. Ann is a teacher, so we could compare notes and talk about work.

I sat and watched the tennis final this morning, and Roger produced the goods yet again. I do love watching him play. He has such elegance about the court. So, the weekend has been good, as I said. Different.

So... a new week awaits. What will this one bring, I wonder?

It seems that I am a nominee in the Share the Love awards. Thank you VERY much to whoever nominated me! This is the first time I have ever been nominated for anything, and I am very touched. I took a look at the lists, and there are some amazing women there, so go and have a look and make sure you visit their blogs too. I am honoured to creep in among them. Now if I could just work out how to put that button thing on my blog, it would be perfect. It seems that everyone knows how to do these things except me. Sigh.

(UPDATE 15 mins later)

Don't you just love daughters? I am talking to Diana in NZ, and was moaning on messenger re my lack of talent, and she went and did the button thing for me. Flowers and a button. What more can I ask for?


Anonymous said...

What a sweet, sweet daughter. She obviously knows how special you are!

And so does the blogging community. Congratulations on the nomination!

Anonymous said...

Flowers and buttons, Linds. It really doesn't get much better, does it?

You know what? Any time, any time at all, that you want to do something like that, just tell me. I'd be so happy to help you. I'm by no means a wizard but I can do things in sidebars. :-)

I don't think you know how it affects me when you just casually say you went to London for the weekend. Being over here, and having the lifelong dream of ever, ever seeing England, it amazes me to be in touch with someone who not only lives there but can just hop, skip and jump to the places I so long to see.


Please tell me you'd give anything in the world to see the Rocky Mountains, where I live. That might make me feel better. Sob.

Fowers and help with the buttons. It just doesn't get any better than that! xoxoxo

Katherine said...

Your daughter is indeed wonderful.
And I'm off to stay with her in less than three months! Woo!

Anonymous said...

A hearty Congrats on the nomination!!! And such a beautiful boquet!!