Wednesday, July 04, 2007

An explanation

Some of you have asked questions about the inquest. You are right, and in 99% of cases, the death would have been registered within a couple of days. Then there is the 1%. That would be me. Or Geoff, rather.

I had a call from the Coroner the day G died, to say that he was unhappy re the fact that a man who was healthy suddenly deteriorated and died within a couple of weeks, and that he was ordering an inquest. I was quite happy with that. In fact, I would probably have called and requested one. The Coroner then issues an interim death certificate, and that can be used for some things, but as a temporary measure, and not at all for other things, which is why so much is up in the air. You cannot register a death with an interim certificate. You can have a cremation or funeral.

The cause of his death will be established at the inquest. The Coroner cannot apportion blame, but can decide on the cause. We know how he died. Why is another story. I know, but the Coroner has to decide in his court. And a lot of things could be made very simple depending on his verdict. As some of you know, I am also in the process of taking legal action against the hospital for failing to diagnose or treat Geoff.

This is why I say at times that I am an authority on cardiogenic pulmonary oedema. And all related cardiothoracic diseases, and operations. I have had to be, to make sure that what happened to this family does not happen to another one. Or more.

I have also been called as a witness and will have to testify, and will be cross-examined. I did not expect this, but you know what.... I will be just fine. No-one knows better. I was there and I remember everything very clearly. All the doctors have been called as well. 6 of them at least. They will have to answer the Coroner's and my questions. I have been told that this is the best chance I have of getting the answers to so many of the questions I have to ask. Under oath, they have to tell the truth, and when you have hospital notes which quote a doctor as saying "the patient's condition is unimportant" you have lots of questions.

The reason for the long delay is because Geoff died in Oxford, and the Oxford Coroner deals with all the military deaths in war zones, and also high profile ones. So the ordinary men and women have to wait. But as I have recently heard on the news that they are hearing cases from the 1990s, I am relieved that the wait is just 15 months.

So there you are. More info on inquests than you ever wanted to know!

And on a totally different note, I wish all of my friends in the States a very happy 4th July!!!!


someone else said...

Wow, what a process. I'm very sorry that there could be questionable medical care. I know you'll be glad when this is all behind you. My prayers go with you as you face these legal people and have to retell the story.

meggie said...

The Ass, that is a the Law.
Never takes humanity into consideration.
Never stops to lessen suffering. Never seems remotely 'Just'.
Keep well, Linds.

Linda said...

Thanks for that explanation Linds. I'm going to be praying that all the truth comes to light and that you will have all of your questions answered and get the justice you deserve. How awful to think of such callousness. I just know you're going to be an excellent witness. Perhaps it's good that you've had this time to sort of process things.
Have a blessed day Linds. It rained here again today!!!

Carole Burant said...

"This patients condition is unimportant" that bothers me no end!! I would have plenty of questions about that too! Thank you so much for explaining about the inquest, Linds, now I understand why it's taken so long. You sound well prepared so go get 'em girl:-) xoxo

Susie said...

Hi Linds,
Thanks for giving us this explanation.
It will be very telling to hear the doctors explain everything while under oath. The insensitivity of that doctor's remark is impossible to justify..

Susan said...

I appreciate this post and more understanding of what you are, and have been facing. You will be an expert witness in every sense of the word. You know many are upholding you in prayer and will be.

Dawn said...

I have truly been wondering about this as well, and probably was one who asked. Thank you for the very succint explanation. What a process!! Three more months - but at least you know when. We will be praying for sure, for good outcome, for peace, for justice - and a bit of that "closure" that everyone talks about.

Is it still raining?