Monday, July 30, 2007

Nearly time to go

The sun shone today, and it looks as though it will be for the next few days. Typical, isn't it? I get ready to go away as the weather finally limps into a summer of sorts!

Excitement, mixed with a high degree of disbelief that I am finally going to see my daughter, is reaching fever pitch in the House of the Rocking Chair. There are about 4 things left on the list now, and one of them just happens to be "Pack". Um, yes. That would be good. I have travelled a lot, and I am good at packing. I always put out everything I think I might need, and then take half of it. I can get by with very few clothes on holidays. Diana assures me that they do indeed have shops, so in the worst case scenario, I can actually buy things I need. And exploring different shops will be great. Sigh. I cannot believe I am really going. Me. Right around the world.

It has been good too to have the time to relax here at home. It has not all been racing about and sorting things. There has been time to simply sit in the rocking chair and do nothing. I cannot tell you how much I have needed that! Sometimes I fill up my days to overflowing, and then wonder why I become ratty. The older I get, the more time I need to reflect a little and relax.

So much to be thankful for.
  1. The friend who made it possible for me to go to NZ
  2. The prospect of a holiday with all of my children
  3. The friends who are looking after our home
  4. The friend who is taking us to the airport
  5. The joy I am feeling right now

It is time to put away all the other "stuff" for a while. It can wait. Life is all about living right now. It is today that counts. Cliches I know, but true anyway. We are going to make some memories. Happy fun ones. I can't wait.


Morning Glory said...

Oh, I can just feel your excitement because that's exactly how I would feel. I hope you have a glorious visit!

Don't leave any bags at the airport!

Susie said...

I hope you enjoy every moment of your holiday! You must be just thrilled to be seeing your daughter again. I get so spoiled seeing mine nearly every day.
You'll be missed!

Penless Thoughts said...

Have a grand and glorious time and I just know you will. I'll bet you can find something real interest in NZ to do for the challenge!!

Linda said...

Oh Linds - it's so exciting!! I pray you have a safe and wonderful trip. It will be so good to see all those precious loved ones and then you have the added joy of seeing new places. What fun!!
I am a terrible packer. You'll have to do a tutorial on packing some day. I seem to overpack with all the wrong things. I have come to the conclusion that as long as we remember all my husband's medical things, I don't care if I have to run out and buy a few things.
Have a wonderful, wonderful time.

momrn2 said...

Praying you have an absolutely wonderful time!!! Rest, relax and refresh yourself!

PEA said...

I'm so excited for you!!! I always pack way too much and I must learn that I really don't need 10 changes of clothing if I'm only going away for 3 days! lol Enjoy every minute of this holiday, you deserve it!! xoxo

Jen said...

safe travels

Tēnā koe! Haere mai!

Isabelle said...

Don't know if I've missed your departure, but have/I'm sure you had a lovely time. Daughters are wonderful gifts. (Sons are also very very nice).

I look forward to hearing the details on your return.

Crystal said...

Have a simply marvelous time, Linds!! Hug your kids often, enjoy the new sights, taste everything New Zealand has, and snap many, many pictures. Travel safely - post when you can!

Anonymous said...

Hi Linds

This is Janet from All Saints, Peckham - we have had a fag together!!!

I am so inspired by your blot (whoops - blog!) - very encouraging.

Have a super time and give Diana a big hug and kiss from me.



meggie said...

I am sure your holiday will be all you hope. Enjoy it all.