Saturday, July 21, 2007


I have published my post. I clearly selected publish now. It refuses to do so. Blogger????? Your days are numbered.


Kelli said...

WordPress is a beautiful thing.

Isabelle said...

Well, I've so enjoyed catching up with your posts and as for the story of your childhood house... wow. You are so lucky.

I don't mean to sound like David Copperfield, but mine was nothing like that - neither my house nor my childhood. Though it was fine in its way.

No, we didn't really get rain (in answer to your question) - only a little at night when we were inside. It wasn't exactly hot, though.

How wonderful to be going to see Diana. I remember when my younger daughter came back after 4 months of building a community centre in Slovakia. It was such a joy to see her again.

You do sound a miss to the teaching profession! I wonder what Linds will do next...?

Peach said...

Oh, I have so been there with Blogger, but just when I think about moving -- it behaves for awhile and reminds me why I like it most -- it's free!

Thanks for stopping by. I always am encouraged by your comments : )

Tammy and Parker said...

We love our Wordpress! =)

Anonymous said...

Every now and then I think about switching to a different platform..but I have just now gotten the hang of blogger..although it has it's days doesn't it??? I wanted to stop by and thank you for all your wonderful and supportive comments. I am on the upswing and life is good. I just need to make sure I sleep, eat right...(don't we all) ;) are wonderful and I really appreciate you more than you can imagine!!