Thursday, July 19, 2007

The miracle of the telephone

The telephone is a wonderful thing. Especially when it is really cheap to call friends across the water. I spoke to Morning Glory at Seeds from my Garden yesterday, for the first time, and I am still smiling.

The woman I have grown so fond of became real. She has a lovely soft voice, and clearly smiles a lot. I could hear it in her voice. I know things that she thinks about and wonders about, yet I had never heard her speak. In a way, I know the inside, but yesterday, I got to meet the outside too. How special is that. We chatted away as though we had known each other for years, and it is so nice to have an added dimension to what I hope will be a long friendship. The time before you call is the worst.... what if she is not happy to get a call.... what if I can't think what to say... what if there is a silence...

Well, none of that applied. Morning Gory is a champ. She heard me and said... oh my.... Linds! And that was all it took. 40 minutes flew by and so help me, we would still have been on the phone, if my son had not returned home and (loudly) interrupted the conversation! And now we know we will meet up next summer. So much to look forward to!

I like phones. Especially when they make me smile.


Linda said...

I've already read MG's blog and she was just as delight as you. I think that's wonderful. Isn't technology great?
It's really exciting that you will get to meet next summer. Something to look forward to.

Penless Thoughts said...

I read this on MG's blog this morning and was so thrilled for both of you. AND knowing that you will meet next summer has to be really wonderful.

I truly think we become closer friends via these blogs than even in person because of the honesty and openness and we aren't being swayed by appearance, etc. What ever it works and is wonderful.

I'm just smiling too thinking of you two talking :o)

PEA said...

Weren't you worried you'd get the same reaction as Barb's?? LOL That was so funny:-) How wonderful that you and MG got to talk on the truly is amazing the special bonds that some of us have made through blogging. xox

Heidi said...

That's awesome!

The home that I just moved to is about 9 houses down from my best friends house but it's funny how much we still talk on the phone. Today after about 20 minutes she said "why don't you guys just come over for lunch." I too love the phone!

Good to be back and getting caught up!!!!

Morning Glory said...

I'm still smiling as I get ready to leave on vacation. I've told everybody so far about your call. What a treat!!