Monday, July 02, 2007

Just another day......

School was diabolical. The kids were impossible. I was not a model of patience and love as a consequence. End result? Dire. Just dire. 14 more days to go till the holidays. It seems like 140 right now.

And you would never guess in a million years, but it is raining yet again. Sigh.

If I sound ever so slightly out of sorts, it is because I AM. Even my boss said as I left..... tomorrow is bound to be better. Of course it is. I just have one diabolical class tomorrow, and I have already told them they will be copying out a boring text book because of their failure to do anything they were told to today, and for being appallingly rude to me. One little gem told me to shut up and go away.

And did I ever mention the sweet innocent cherub (13) who decided that setting up a trip-wire to send me flying was a good idea? Projecting my voice (as I was told to do in a louder fashion a few weeks ago) was NOT a problem. I do believe I was heard 6 blocks away. My kids crashed back into their seats like gibbering wrecks. I am not anticipating any more problems with that class. Ever. My latest cunning plot is to suggest that the Marines come in and take over the school for a couple of weeks. That could work.

Oh yes.... just another day in paradise then.

People have been asking me what I am going to do next term. The truth? I have no idea yet, but I am certain that I will end up just where I am supposed to be. There are people who worry about me, and then there are people who believe in me. I am calm. You may feel free to remind me of these words if I turn into a basket case in a couple of months time.

In reality, I have a lot more on my mind. Bad things. Good things. Sad things. Exciting things. Frustrating things. Challenging things. Lots and lots of things. My mind is not a simple place. It is more like a jungle of memories, lists, problems, dreams, hopes and fears. Jungle being the operative word.


I have so much to be thankful for.
  1. Great friends
  2. Healthy family
  3. Dreams
  4. A holiday to visit my daughter in NZ
  5. Faith

Now ....if only the sun would shine.......


Crystal said...

Those kind of shenanigans would explain why I was an elementary teacher! 8 year olds still love to be in school - thank goodness. You are an angel to even attempt working with these students and I know that many of them need lots of angels in their lives. ((( HUGS )))

I hope the rain stops soon :))

Morning Glory said...

Oh my. It sounds like the worst kind of day. I'm sorry about that. I am amazed at how rude young people can be these days. Tomorrow is another day and I hope it's sunny and better for you.

Kelli said...

I am in love with the word ... diabolical.

Seems to fit the shenanigans of two teens presently in the household.

Tomorrow is another day, or so says Scarlett O'Hara.

Dawn said...

OH, my goodness, Linds. I can't believe what you have had to put up with this last difficult year of you life. But I know better days are ahead!! It is scary, though, to see the lack of respect kids have. Very sad. I would be a mess if it rained that much. I can hardly take 3 days in a row! My brother's family in Oklahoma is getting as tired of it as you are - same scenario there. Rain seems to park in one spot and it needs to spread itself out to drought spots! Or forest fires. Go figure.

Bless you today, dear friend.

Heidi said...

Ugh, I can't believe kids are so rude.

In any event it's good to be back here reading your writings.

Loves and prayers for wisdom for you!