Saturday, July 28, 2007


Look! Potatoes from the allotment! S0mething GREW! Not just weeds!
And courgettes too! I was so excited I walked into some stinging nettles. Fortunately there are dock leaves close by so I was fine.
David and went to check out the veg today and to do some weeding. The beans are a disaster, but the potatoes, onions, courgettes, broccoli and brussels are all doing well. So are one lot of peas. The weeds, however, are doing best of all. We will go back tomorrow and tackle them again. If the rain stops. (Yes, it rained again.)


Susie said...

Yay for potatoes! Now that looks like a zucchini to me but you call it
courgette? Is there a difference?
Happy Gardening!

meggie said...

Zucchini is Courgette!lol.
I love those wonderful fresh veggies. Especially the new potatoes! Enjoy!

Dawn said...

What wonderful, lovely veggies! Just in time for you to leave, eh?

I read your last post just now - the students I work with in ther master's program call me "Mother Dawn." I love it.

Heidi said...


PEA said...

Don't you wish everything else grew as well as weeds do? lol The weeds and I are in a ferocious competition...but I think they're winning! lol Glad that some of your veggies are producing well...our veggie garden isn't quite ready yet, it's been a late year for gardening here! xox

Isabelle said...

Yes, those courgettes are going to be great big marrows by the time you get back... I'm sure you have some friends who will come and pick them for you.

I too have to leave the house immaculate (just in case something awful happens and I never get back - don't want my mum to be shocked by the state of my cupboards...).

Really liked your last post. Quite right.

At A Hen's Pace said...

Your veggies look so yummy--ahh, the fruits of your labors!

I love your idea of waking up to things you are thankful for.

Hope your preparations for this trip go so-smoothly!


Penless Thoughts said...

Good to see the crops!!! Check out my latest blog on stones as I've given you a challenge in it!!

Dawn said...

You will be leaving soon! Will you keep us up to date while you're gone, or how long will it be??