Monday, July 23, 2007

I am losing my mind

Just so you know, I am having ONE OF THOSE DAYS. No, make that weeks. One of those weeks. For two days in a row, I have somehow managed to go out wearing my clothes inside out. How on earth do I manage these things???? You would think that at my age I should have learnt how to dress myself. The first time, I realised as I was about to go into the supermarket in the village, and went back to the car and stripped off my top and put it on the right way. I was beyond caring about making a spectacle of myself, but I do think I managed to escape detection. Oh heavens, I just remembered CCTV cameras. Oops.

Yesterday, I went the whole day "inside out", and only realised at night. Then spent a couple of hours rewinding my day's activities through my mind to see how badly I had managed to humiliate myself. It is just possible that I need to get some new glasses.

And I have spent the better part of 2 days looking for my daughter's birth certificate. It was very safely in my filing cabinet weeks or months ago, just where it should be, until she asked me to send it to her. So I took it out, and left it on the table. Then I forgot to post it, and remembered to put it somewhere safe so I would not lose it. Hah. So safe that I could not find it. I turned my study and sewing room upside down looking for it. I went through every cupboard in the lounge and every table and desk and shopping bag of papers (my upmarket filing system) and nothing. It was nowhere. So I gave up this afternoon and phoned the records place and ordered a speedy replacement. For nearly £30. (It is cheaper if you do not need "speedy". I need speedy.) And 10 minutes later, I turned over 2 cushions on a bench and what did I find??????????? And no, I could NOT cancel my speedy order. Oh well, one can never have too many birth certificates can one? And can anyone tell me why I open my mail and put it back in the envelope? Why don't I throw the envelope away? Do you KNOW how much space envelopes take??? I have filled my recycling bin today.

And the final straw was when I went to the village to get some odds and ends, and when I attempted to come home, my car refused to move. The engine made a distinctly odd noise. So I sat there, and let it rest a while, (and ate a carrot cake) and then tried again, so I had to get the AA to come and rescue me, and it was raining, of course. I could feel my hair rising as I stood there. And the lovely helpful man who arrived in under 15 minutes ( which is a world record, I reckon), just put his hand in the engine and said "Ah. Try it now. " It worked. Some vital thingy had come loose and he clicked it into place. I did ask for the exact location of the vital thingy so that I could do it myself in future. I mean... everyone should know about vital thingys.

And there you have my day. Scintillating to say the least.


I have at least managed to clean and organise every cupboard in the house, and my sewing room and study. Not to mention I have also sorted all my school things. None of these happened to be on the "to do" list of course. I know.... I can add them on and cross them off and it will look most impressive.

And now I am going to bed.


Penless Thoughts said...

I did the same thing with 2 gift certificates I bought as birthday gifts for 2 of our out of state grandchildren. I put them in a "safe place" because I bought them ahead of time. When BD's rolls around I could not fine them. I have not found them. Had to purchase new ones. I keep thinking some day I will "stumble" on to them and be very please to have that extra gift to myself to spend!!

PEA said...

Just hope you didn't fall out of bed after that kind of day! lol Oh you poor thing, it truly wasn't the best of weeks for you was it!! You don't know how many times I've put away something to a "safe" place, never to be found again! lol As for wearing clothes inside out...haven't done that yet but I'm sure it's just a matter of time!!! And doesn't that just tick you off when a man seems to just touch a car and it starts miraculously??? lol Hope your days get better my friend! xoxo

Linda said...

I can absolutley identify with days like that. I am proud of you that you got all that organizing done. I've been know to make my to do list after I've finished doing everything. I then cross them all off and feel as though I've accomplished great things!!

Diana Langdon said...

Thank you thank you thank you! Yes indeed, you can frame one to prove that I am your fabulous daughter and show it off with pride :o)
Is a beautiful day here, gorgeous sunshine. Who knows, it may be nice when you come! Thought about maybe visiting Napier, have a look in your guidebook! Dxxx

Dawn said...

What a crazy week! Sounds like mine a while back - except I don't think I've worn things inside out before.

I'm so glad you got to visit with MG! That is wonderful. Sounds like it was okay what I did, eh??

I'm back from Minnesota and trying to catchup. On CNN at the airport today I saw that it's STILLLL raining over there!

Kelli said...

THank goodness for the smart, timely man who understands those vital thingys :)

Here's hoping and praying that tomorrow is a new day.

meggie said...

Linds, I also put my mail back into the envelopes. Why DO we do that?? With bills, I write the due date on the envelope, then throw it away after I have paid it. I also used to save stamps for an elederly friend, but most mail these days doesnt even have stamps. do know that the 'others' come & take things & hide them from us, just for fun??
They put them back as soon as we dont need them!

I seem to be in Life's Tumble Dryer at the moment too. At least nothing stays the same! LOL.

Barb said...

Welcome to my club, Linds. LOL

I put a lovely set of six colored pens in a very safe place so no one but me would use them - I have a thing about sharing pens. Six months ago. And for the life of me I still cannot find them.

So welcome to my club. Good grief! What a day you had! :-)

Crystal said...

Oh, I've done things like that too! My nemesis is putting away receipts, then needing them to do a return and having to search everywhere. Just think though, you got a whole bunch of organizing done that is now off the list. Hang in there, my friend!!

Barbara said...

Thanks for visiting me. I have just read through yours. So you have retired. You wil soon be wondering how you ever managed to have the time to do to work.
If it makes you feel any better, I went to the swimming pool in my slippers one day!

Isabelle said...

Ah, what a familiar sort of scenario. The reappearing-just-when-you-longer-need-it vital item.

As for eyesight - I looked over my husband's shoulder at the TV programmes listed in the paper and said '"Herpes" - don't much fancy watching that programme.' Looked more closely: "Heroes". Maybe I should start wearing my Tesco specs more often.

Cupboard tidying - wow. I've been concentrating on the garden and am aching all over. But virtuous. Not cupboard-wise, though.