Thursday, July 26, 2007

Lists tend to grow

My list is getting longer, and I cross off a couple of things and then add 3 or 4 more. This is not working quite as planned.

  1. 2 pairs of size 14 trainers for my son. (He is 6ft 4" after all!) A mega achievement. Size 14 is not easy to find. Sigh of relief.
  2. Suitcase (wheelie type) so I can actually think about packing. You know. So I might actually have some clothes to wear on holiday.


  1. Cleaned house. Vacuumed everywhere. Then had visit from the babes and their parents, and Margaret. Start cleaning from the beginning again, after Dorito crisps were consumed by said babes who move like greased lightning. While eating. Who cares. I adore them all. And I ordered son (recipient of 2 new pairs of shoes) to do vacuuming.
  2. Transferred data from old mobile phone to new one. It has taken hours. I am sure there is a quick, techno way. I do not know it. I even read the manual. All I care about is that the numbers are where they should be. Is it my imagination, or are those buttons getting smaller each year? Or is it the arthritic creaking fingers I seem to have developed?
  3. Cooked supper
  4. Visited Louise and Peter with son. (The one with the 2 new pairs of size 14 trainers.) Ate carrot cake.
  5. Posted mail. Visit to Post Office coincided with cloudburst, so instructed son (the one with 2 new pairs of shoes) to do the necessary. He got a little damp. I was absolutely horrified when he told me he had never been to the Post Office to buy stamps in his life. But then, his generation does not seem to use the post at all, do they? It is all on-line everything. I did inform him that he made many trips to the PO as a child. They could not have been particularly memorable.
  6. Copied all data from computer to portable hard drive. I felt the need. So I can take it with me on holiday.

Weather: torrential rain whenever I opened the door. It stopped when I came home. Maximum temperature today, in the middle of summer 13 degrees C.


Isabelle said...

It's really not been raining here at all for the past couple of weeks - the odd bit of drizzle plus some slightly heavier stuff during the night. But the stuff down in England is really scary.

Still, you're off to New Zealand - how wonderful. You're seeing Diana and your friend Linds - what a lovely post about her.

My best friend from school has the same name as me too, though she's married to someone (her second husband) who was knighted last year, so she's Lady X - very posh. But we still get on as well when we meet. She's lived in Hertfordshire for the past 35 years, but the previous 12, when we saw each other every school day, have set our friendship in stone.

Your order for doing up the house is much more sensible than mine. The sofas are now in the room, but then we have to move them again next week to get the room painted...

When do you leave? Presumably not quite yet. Have a lovely time - of course there's no question of that.

His Singer said...

Ah Linds!

So sorry to hear about the continuing downpour. I only wish we had some of it here. My azalea died from lack of water and will have to be pulled up soon.

On a happier note, I was actually able to pick ONE WHOLE TOMATO from my vines before the cursed squirrel got to it. Things are looking up.

Penless Thoughts said...

Keep working on the list. It will go down and you will go on holiday!!

Linda said...

We had some actual sunshine and blue sky today. I'm praying it will "circle" over to you for a little while.
Sounds like you're getting lots done. I love the way you do the "techy" stuff. I am exactly the same way.
You must be getting very excited about now.

Summer in FL said...

Hi Linds:

I'm "At A Hen's Pace"'s sis in law. Thought I'd pop over since you were so kind to visit my blog. Wish you could send some of that rain our way!

Dawn said...

Anticipation of vacation is such fun. Or holiday, rather, over there. Getting back is not so much - it's taken me all week to get back in the groove.

Have a wonderful time - when do you leave??