Monday, October 15, 2007

Another lovely day in the alps.....

It is another lovely day, and I have just added more photos of places around here for you to see.

We were up very early to go down to Luzern to the shops, as it is a free day for my sister. Everyone decorates their homes for "Herbst" - autumn - and there are great things in the shops. I don't think I mentioned that my sister decorated my home before she left. I now have a collection of scarecrows and wrapped up twigs with pumpkin things on them, and birds, and it looks lovely. I will take photos when I am home. I have also bought some bits like raffia in different colours, because we discovered that you can only get natural raffia in the UK. Well, where I live, anyway. One cannot be without raffia. Or so my sister says.

Autumn is beautiful. And the chalets on the hillside look as though Heidi might pop out at any moment.
The greens and blues here have such depth. And they really are that colour too. I also managed to buy some new trousers. And a top. Or 2. And a bag. I love clothes shopping here. In fact, most of the clothes I wear come from here, and are so much more reasonable than in the UK. Switzerland is cheap for some things!!!!!! Might I add at this point that I do not frequent expensive places.
The white house is where Marge and Peter once lived. I remember when those chalets on the hill were built.
And this is a part of the play park. On the left, you can see one of the rafts, which kids (or adults) can take out to the islands in the lake. They use a pole to move. Mine all loved coming here, and we have all had many hours of fun. This was all destroyed in the horrendous floods a couple of years ago. But it has been rebuilt with donations from the public and businesses.

Right. I have just managed to arrange their delivery of oil on the phone. In German. Be impressed! Now I need some coffee. And then I will decide where I am walking today. Or I may just decide to sit in the sun and read for a while. I will be back. Did I mention that I love this place??


Susan said...

I love your pictures of Switzerland. It is exactly as I have always pictures it.

Susie said...

Your pictures are so delightful Linds!
I loved the story of Heidi and you're right, I can almost visualize her in this setting!

Barbara said...

More beauty.Fancy having to come home!

Chris said...

I have decided to join you on this vacation, albeit virtually rather than in person. There is just too much beauty for one person to soak in!

Dawn said...

I believe I'd be very tempted to pack up and move there! Just so gorgeous. It has always been my dream to visit there, but no such luck so far.

someone else said...

Ah, what bliss! I wish I was there with you.

Butterfly Mama said...

Oh, this place is on my wish list!!! Thanks for sharing!