Friday, October 26, 2007


We are waiting for the delivery of the computer. Patiently, of course. Patience is a very strong quality of mine. One I am proud of. Hahahahahahahahaha. But mine is saintly in comparison to my son's. IT IS NOT HERE YET. And it is 11am. The fact that they said between 8am and 1pm is beside the point. He is pacing. Thudding up and down.

11.05 not here yet.

I will be sorry to hand this little laptop back to my friend, though. Wonderful friend. Kind. Thoughtful. One who is quite clear that I would have been climbing the walls without it, and would not have been a joy to know at all. I like laptops. All I actually need the computer to do is get emails and send them, and access the internet to, you know, blog. And to fiddle with photos. My needs are simple.

I am not part fo the iPod generation and even though my mobile phone is all singing and all dancing and can do things like play music, and access the internet and is a radio, for heaven's sake...... I just need it to send texts and make the odd call. It is a PHONE and should stay just that.

11.10 not here.

As you can see, I am very techno whatever. I switch something on and it must go. It must not tell me what to do or randomly decide to issue warnings. Like cars. They must also go when I ask them to go. Without whimpering. Or coughing or spluttering.

I have just been thinking what my father and grandparents would have made of the computer age. My Mum is quite happy emailing and searching ancestry files now and then. And she loves spider solitaire, but I think my father would have had a ball researching any- and everything. My Gran would have been trawling through the stocks and share prices and playing bridge, I can imagine. And as a business man, my Grandfather would have been in his element. My other gran, Moregranny, would have been looking up knitting patterns and sharing recipes, and gardening tips. I think she might have had a blog. Yes. I am sure she would have.

11.20am. Still not here.

11.22am IT IS HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am off to watch son unpack the box. And take photos. The blog, you know. I need to share things.......


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Dawn said...

I love it! You're a hoot. Patience is not one of my virtues, I fear.

My dear husband just told me that when my birthday gift comes (a Dell laptop), it will have the new Windows Vista operating system. Oh, yay! More learning curves. But I will love it and can hardly wait.

I have never thought of what my grandparents would have done if they'd been in this generation. Interesting conjecturing. My parents have become quite dependant upon e-mail with scattered children and grands and great grands. Theirs is not letting them access AOL right now and they're not happy. The grandson-in-law who has taken care of them is a bit further away now, so they don't think they should just call and ask him to help when they haven't spoken for awhile. I think they should!

someone else said...

I know for sure my dad wasn't into computers. He didn't ever get one and stayed with the good old electric typewriter.