Thursday, October 25, 2007

Random bits and pieces

Today was puttering along just swimmingly, thank you, until the postman arrived while I was out, and shoved so many things in the letterbox (all gunk) that I actually ripped it off the wall trying to get the gunk out. One's mood is not greatly enhanced by flying through the door, flinging the bags on the floor and snarling "where is my screwdriver" before one has even had a chance to rush to the bathroom. As one does when one comes in the door now that one is not 22 any more.

Not a single interesting item in the post either. I should have painted an arrow to the recycling bin on it. And then I had to try and hammer the rawlplugs back into the wall inside the letterbox. Snarl. This is not physically possible.


Now that is off my chest, I can resume normal adult style behaviour. Calm, dignified and serene.

Hello all.

I have just had a LOVELY couple of hours browsing round the craft shops with my friend Jean, helping her to spend her money. I love doing that. My sister had already found all the bargains to be had in town, so I just pointed Jean in the right direction. I am helpful like that. What was that? Did I buy anything? Um. Yes. A couple of really good 50% off things like machine embroidery thread. And paper. And soft touch scissors for arthritic hands. Like mine. Spring-loaded. I am sure Barb or someone mentioned them before. They are my new best friend. And the arthritic hands are a result of all that hand quilting, and being double jointed.

I am making something special for each of my children for Christmas, but won't be able to show you till after the holiday, as it will spoil the surprise, but I am really pleased with what I am doing.

And the news of the day is that the new computer is arriving tomorrow. My son has a grin on his face which would light up the world. And I can't wait to be able to download my photos and get my files and folders back in place. We may have to battle for control though. He will be hard to dislodge. And he is much bigger than me. The fact that we will now be eating beans for the rest of the year is beside the point. I am creative.

Half term holidays are nearly over now, and the job search has become more pressing. If I can't find anything permanent, I will be signing up with an educational agency and will do supply teaching or cover work. Anything, really. I needed the time to do the inquest, but now I really do need to work. And I really enjoyed what I was doing. It is good to meet new people too.

I am off to continue the creative bit. And to make coffee...... of course.


Dawn said...

Your first paragraph did indeed crack me up. I would feel the same! And would definitely be in a rush to the little gir's room (loo to you?)

Love the ramblings, since I do it so often. Will be doing it again soon. Wait till you hear what my husband got me belatedly for my birthday - I didn't expect it even this soon! Coming soon to a post near you!

Are you going to tell us which blog friend you MIRL?

Morning Glory said...

Oh my, you had me laughing all the way through this! I do love your sense of humor.

Barb @ A Chelsea Morning said...

I did mention my soft touch scissors recently, Linds. I love mine, for exactly the same reason you love them. They're great on these aging hands. LOL

Hooray for new computers! I'd be pretty excited about that myself. Honestly, if I were rich, I'd just toss this one and get a new one just to spare myself the agony of it crashing which of course it will eventually do.

Good luck with your job search. I hope you find something you completely love and yes, meeting new people is always a blessing.

Penless Thoughts said...

You are always fun!!!

Isabelle said...

Beans are good. Full of protein. But they won't minimise your tendency to dash to the bathroom...

PEA said...

I guess it's a good thing the mailman wasn't still there when you came home! hehe I could just picture you! lol Glad you were able to go do a bit of shopping with your friend...that's always a pleasant way to spend a few hours, especially when you can find such good deals. Looking forward to seeing what you're making your children for Christmas!! Best of luck with the new may have to set up a time schedule for when it's your turn to use it and when it's your son's time to use it!! lol As for the job search, best of luck there too! xox

meggie said...

Sorry you had to come home to the junk mail.
Sounds like you are being very crafty.

Linds said...

I thught it was you, Barb!!! I love those scissors and would have walked right by them if the name had not rung a bell. Thanks!

Yes, Dawn, as soon as she gets home. I told her she could talk first as it was her idea! And the only clue is that she is English.

Isabelle.... I had forgotten that probability. Hmmm.

Meggie - I could stock a craft or sewing shop. This is what I do. I make things! That was how the textiles teaching happened along. I love being creative.

Barbara said...

Had the same when we got home from Jane's. So much mail we almost climbed over it. Of course there had been a strike before we left so this was much worse than usual with the catch up.