Sunday, October 14, 2007

The most beautiful of days...

I woke this morning to the most beautiful of days, and so I decided to go for a walk to the grotto, through my most favourite of forests on the other side of the valley. It is quite a climb up from the village, and when I started walking along the path through the forest, it was all in shade. The sun had not worked its way around the mountain yet.

And then I turned a corner on the path, and it looked as though the forest was on fire..... the golden glow of the sun through the trees was amazing....

The path was covered in places by fallen leaves, and once again, the sound of cowbells in the distance, and the trickling stream were the only sounds I could hear. Apart from my ever so slight gasping for breath. And thudding heart beat. The altitude, you know. Nothing to do with my fitness level of course.

I walked along to my bench and I sat there and just drank in the sights and sounds, and then I walked on to the grotto, to light a candle for Geoff, and for Dad. So quiet. I sat in the sun at the grotto, and let my thoughts drift.
This was the scene behind my back. Up the valley.

And when I was ready, I walked on, out of the forest back towards the village.... See why I love walking here???

I know this is similar to the photo just above, but it has some differences. I loved the sun rays, and you can see more of the valley.

And as I got near to the Klostermatt, I saw so many paragliders floating in the sky. People were walking, cycling, children running about, just a beautiful scene to watch. Paragliding is on my list of things to do, by the way. One day. Jumping off an Alp seems appropriate. Maybe when I have lost a few pounds or 20. I have visions of dropping like a stone.

And so I came back down to the village. There is the great Benedictine monastery which was the start of the village so many years ago. It is also a private school.

I love my camera. I will be out walking again later. So much to soak up and try to capture for times when I need reminding how much beauty there is in this world.


Penless Thoughts said...

The Lord is giving you visuals of what is occurring in your life!!!
The darkness is lifting and the sunlight (son light)is shining brightly on you!!! I get excited when I observe things like this.

Sure glad you got that camera. You are truly blessing us with it, too!!!

Angie said...

OK, now I can't wait to visit Switzerland. Your pictures are breathtaking. I can almost hear the cowbells. Keep those pictures coming!

His Singer said...


I get peaceful just reading you, Linds. Just what I need at this time!

Susie said...

It all looks so very peaceful. I love how you captured the sunrays in the picture above the hang gliders.
Yes, our cameras do help us capture and remember all the beauty there is in the world. I also think we take more time to look for that beauty as we're clicking away!

Kellan Rhodes said...

I loved your words and these pictures. God, are you lucky to see this - be there. I was simply taken away in your photos - in your moment - thank you.

Barbara said...

Lindsay I did not visit you these last couple of days as I did not realise that you would be posting from Switzerland. Was just planning to catch up with more of yur past postings.
What a surprise to see these wonderful pictures of my favourite country in the world after my own.
Thanks for sharing

Barb @ A Chelsea Morning said...

I've been catching up here, Linds, and may I say, I'm so sorry you were left with all your questions unanswered. That has to be so difficult.

But in reading these last few posts, I sense that you are becoming calm and that you are accepting that some things just are.

What a beautiful place to be when your heart hurts. Your photos are amazing. It's hard to imagine actually seeing these places. I'm very thankful for your camera and for your talent with it. It's almost, but not quite of course, as good as being there.

Dawn said...

I am so sorry that the inquest was not conclusive! But I am so glad that you are there in that healing place. What beauty and serenity. YOur pictures are wonderful!

Morning Glory said...

The path you walked along is something out of a dream! It's amazing to me that the villages in those mountains really exist. All the pictures we see look imaginary because it's hard to envision such places. However, I've been to Switzerland and I know they exist, but it's still amazing.

I'm so happy that you're finding some very peaceful moments.

Isabelle said...

The inquest sounds very harrowing - so sorry for you.

The pictures are lovely - healing sights, I'm sure, as far as healing is possible.

Crystal said...

You are incredible! To deal with every thing's that happened in little more than a year and still be so calm and focussed makes me thank the One who reigns in your life.

I am glad you are in this beautiful place that you love now. Enjoy - and thank you for taking us with you through your camera. I'm so glad you got it too!!