Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Last day.........

I am packed. Well, I would not ususally be packing until half an hour before we go, but Mum needs things organised. To me it just means bringing the departure closer. I can do without that.

You guessed it.... another beautiful day again. How incredibly blessed I have been with these perfect days. And I will be off on another last walk in a while. I have all these photos, but they are not the real thing. And reality awaits. I am not too keen on the reality thing. I am in ostrich mode. Bury your head in the sand and pretend there is nothing to see. Until tomorrow anyway.

But I will be back home with my son, who I think has had good time with no nagging Mum about. I sent him a text on Monday to see if he was up and on the way to school and he replied saying that I did not appear to have any faith in him. Hmmm. I have refrained from mothering long distance ever since. He is after all 18, and perfectly capable!!

I have stopped the world and leapt off for these few precious days, and I cannot explain just how important it has been to me, although I do believe you can understand a little from the photos. It is a reminder that life goes at a different pace here, and that my real world is sometimes not quite as balanced as I need it to be. Switzerland, while being one of the most highly developed first world countries in the world, manages to have the most content and happy citizens according to international data. They seem to get things right. Balance. We all need balance.

We need to celebrate today. To appreciate the beauty all around us, wherever we are. To feed our souls. We can't live in either the past or the future. It is all here in this one perfect moment. Everything that matters most. Look around. Laugh a little louder. Smile a little more broadly. Open your eyes a little wider in wonder and most important of all, love with all your heart. Don't worry about the possibility of being hurt. Just do it.

Ignore the "what ifs" and "buts" and ignore the mess and dust. Let the little things go. Live with everything in you right now. Now is all we have. We have no idea how many tomorrows there will be. What does it matter if we make fools of ourselves at times? Laughing at myself is a great benefit of advancing years! (I seem to get a lot of practice at this, might I add.)

I have no idea where the philosophical bent came from. It just did. Must be something in the air. But I mean every word I just said. We all know people who worry about stuff. About being good enough, appearances, risking their hearts, saying the right thing. People who hold something back for fear of losing "it". People like us. There is no faith without risk. And wonderful things can happen if you dare to take some risks. If you dare to have faith. Everytime you reach out and touch someone, you take a risk. Just imagine a world where everyone stays in safe mode and erects walls around themselves and stays in little individual sanitised worlds. No place to grow. No place to become the person you were meant to be.

My mind is off an a wild ride of its own I see. My fingers are doing what it tells them to do and I seem to be watching it all happen. I look out of the window here and I can see the sun beaming down on that beautiful mountain. There is snow on some of the high peaks, and it is sparkling in the sunlight, and the air is getting chillier. Life goes on, and the cycle of nature cannot be stopped, no matter what earth shattering events happen in our lives. Birth, death, renewal. There is a reason and there most certainly is a season. Like forest fires...... so much destruction when they happen, but so much rebirth, growth and beauty from the ashes. And it is those ashes that feed the beauty. Whatever has happened in our life..... has a direct bearing on what happens next. I can use it for rebirth and growth, renewal and beauty.

If I have faith today.


Penless Thoughts said...

but so much rebirth, growth and beauty from the ashes. And it is those ashes that feed the beauty. Whatever has happened in our life..... has a direct bearing on what happens next. I can use it for rebirth and growth, renewal and beauty.

If I have faith today.

And YOU DO!!!!

Morning Glory said...

This was so very eloquent. I don't have any great words with which to respond, except that it really spoke to my heart. Thank you.

Blessings as you travel home. I'm so glad you had this beautiful time away.

PEA said...

Dearest Linds, I'm finally catching up on all your news...I've so enjoyed seeing all the gorgeous pictures, Switzerland certainly is a beautiful country. I'm sorry to hear that you got no answers at the inquest but now you have to resume your life and by your words on this post, I think you have it all figured out:-) Live for TODAY!! xoxo

Susie said...

Hi Linds,
I know you feel blessed to have had this mini vacation in this beautiful and picturesque area of Switzerland.
Praying for safe travels for you!

Crystal said...

Your words are so eloquent and could have been written for me too! I must tell you that my word to live by this year is DARE - it fits with your message. I enjoyed this beautiful autumn day and I thought of you, surrounded by the beauty in your place too. Travel safely and enjoy the next part of your life's journey. ((( HUGS )))

Seeker said...

Just calling in to say that I really enjoy reading your blog.

I am glad you had such a refreshing break and I hope that there are lots of good thinngs in store for you during the coming year.

Barbara said...

What a wonderful post, very inspiring and challenging, and written so well.

Barbara said...

Come on over Lindsay

I have left you an award on my blog