Friday, August 15, 2008

Conversations from the couch....

Yesterday was such a happy day in the Casa de la Rocking Chair. David actually said - something is sure to go wrong, isn't it? I told him that was nonsense, and that we were going to enjoy every moment. So we celebrated with chocolate biscuits (cookies).

I am the last of the great spenders, as you can see. What is more, I put the biscuits on top of the microwave/convection oven, and forgot them there. Then heated the oven. Yes. Well. Melted biscuits still taste great! And we laughed some more.

Then my kettle died. I was not amused. My son must have the gift of prophesy. That is the 3rd thing to expire in the household appliance category. So I am now reduced to boiling water on the stove. I did not laugh at its demise. At all.

I did, however, have a nap on the couch for most of the afternoon. That was perfect. The pacing was not good, even though it did not last as long as I had anticipated. The dancing didn't help either, and neither did the walk around town while the delayed results were sorted. So I am creaking a little today, but I still have a grin on my face.

A whole era of my life is over, and the timing is so good. Just think - the last of my children is out of school, and now I have a grandchild on the way! 32 years ago, I was expecting Andrew, and now the full-time hands on stage of parenting is over. And it seems to have gone in a flash.

I don't know how many of you use Facebook. I do, and this morning, it all changed. I was sitting there staring at this totally strange new page which said "Welcome to the new Facebook!" and I thought - "I did not ask you to change. Go back immediately. I hate not being able to find my way round my own corners of the internet and just put it back the way it was, please. Now would be good." All in a nanno-second. And I remembered how much I hated having no choice but to change to beta when blogger did its thing too. And how, even now, I start hyperventilating when I need to update/change/add/adjust my side bar.

Just when I think I know what I am doing, I have to make adjustments and get used to new things.

Challenges. They are supposed to be good for us. Help us to grow. Become more. I am at the stage, though, where I would like to select the challenges I need to expend energy on - brain type of energy or other. And getting used to a new Facebook is not up there on the first 408675480 pages of my acceptable challenges. Or necessary challenges. Photoshop is. Writing is. Trying to work out how to design a new look for the blog is. Many many things are. FACEBOOK???? Humph.

How many of you use Facebook? And Twitter? Do I need to twitter too? Is this something I should be doing?


Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

I don't use either. But that means less than nothing. :D

If you're achy from dancing then that's a good reason to be achy. No others would be nearly as cupboards, commodes or closets.

Good luck with the twittering!

Hungry Hippo said...

Click on 'Back to the old facebook' which is at the top right hand corner of the screen and you can change your facebook back to the old one.

Needled Mom said...

Oh yeah, Linds. I am so glad that you son will be attending the university of choice. The news could not be better for all concerned.

Now...the MRI situation is another story. You must be so frustrated by the lack of progress in following all of this up. It would have been so nice to have it all settled by the time school starts again.

At least there are good sports to watch on television -- for now.

Don't you think that we should get a pass on challenges when we reach the age of 50? Everything we get comes with manuals these days. What happened to the old phones where one only needed to dial?

Gillie said...

Never done either though DDs and DDIL keep in contact that way. Twitter was mentioned at work as a communication tool but haven't checked into it. I'm with you, I've had an amazing amount of change, new places etc in my life but don't change ANYTHING that I use - okay? Laughed myself silly over the biscuits, had a moment of silence for the kettle, I agree, a kettle is essential. I killed our electric one, they are not popular/easy to find/or have many choices here. Couldn't find the same one so bought very elegant lime green one (for the stove) and melted it within days, left it on went and did something else :(
I now have a very smart red one, so far so good.
hugs, gillie

Dawn said...

You KNOW I'm with you on the change thing. I can't even change my sidebar and Kristen is out of the computer loop right now, so I'm out of luck. I know I could learn, but as long as I have her, why should I??

I got a new blender the other day to be able to make smoothies - my old one burned out from crushing ice, I think - burned the motor out. This one looked like it was supposed to be good with ice, but DC read me from the MANUAL that there's a particular way you're supposed to do ice crushing. UGH!!

So - about sewing. My eyes just don't even allow me to thread a needle any more - if I get Lasik, maybe I'll be able to do it. Then all I need is motivation, and lots of money to spend on patterns and fabric etc.

Dawn said...

I forgot - I do not do Facebook, nor do I have plans to do yet another techie thing to keep up with. I don't even know what Twitter is?! Help me - what is the value of either/or?

Janine said...

I also got a shock when I went onto facebook yesterday - I just pressed "profile" and ignored the long message that they sent me! I need an explanation of Twitter too please.

Diane@Diane's Place said...

Well, I use both Facebook and Twitter, though I haven't accessed either in a few days. Like you, I don't always welcome change so I'll have to see if I like the new Facebook.

Regarding Twitter, it's kind of like texting for computers, in a way. You're limited to short messages so you learn to abbreviate or say what you need to say in fewer words. Or send more than one message to get your point across. You can check it out here if you like:

Too bad about your kettle. Hope you can find a new one soon that won't break the bank

Love and hugs,


Barbara said...

Just caught up with you Linds. My that is a mighty fine contraption that you have for your leg. Never seen anything like it. Have they come up with a diagnosis yet or how it all happened?
Congrats. to your son.

PEA said...

I'm on Facebook and I tried the new version but didn't like it at all so just clicked on the "return to old facebook" link on the top right hand corner. I know that sometimes we have to get used to change but NOT Facebook!!!! lol

Well I'm glad to see that I'm not the only one who puts chocolate items on the microwave oven and then heats up something! lol Many a melted biscuit or donut I've eaten:-)

WOOHOOOOOO congrats to your son for getting his placement at Canterbury!! Doesn't it do a mom's heart good when her child gets his wishes?? hehe Good for him!! xoxo

Isabelle said...

Well done David! I shall raise a chocolate cookie to him presently.

Mary said...

Yes, I definitely think you should be twitting!

What's a twitter?

Yesterday my neighbour came in to show me a picture she had printed of her new grandchild. What a lovely picture it was. We were talking about the 'red eye' and I said she could photoshop that at. "Hoe', she asked.

I was in like a flash. We went into her house, transferred the picture onto me USB. I then whipped backed next door and transferred it onto my computer where I took out the red eye ...and ....cropped it so that the mother's breast was no longer a feature. Back I toddled next door and transferred it back to her computer ( all the time this look of pure wonder was on neighbors face) and then we re printed. "WOW', she said, "you are really computer literate!"

I had to laugh ... With me it's a little knowledge goes a long way. (I'm fairly sure she was actually still on the high from seeing her first little grandchild - who lives in England.

So, now I am a certified computer literate I was wondering if I should be a twitter too?

Mary said...

Either that or learn some good grammar (and spelling).how not hoe!

The rest of the jumbled (haven't had breaky yet) sentence mess I think you can get the gist of.

Have a lovely weekend.

Sandra said...

First I want to congratulate your son on getting placed at Canterbury! Way to go :)

I do use Facebook but it's been at least a month since I've been there and I don't twitter, I don't have time. I figure if I get involved in one more computer thing then I may as well say goodbye to my home life LOL

Joyful Days said...

I like to select my own challenges, too. Thankyouverymuch. Having enough difficulty actually posting on my blog so I may not worry too much about any other technical things to have difficulties with.