Thursday, August 07, 2008

The fun goes on....

I have discovered a slight hitch to wearing the robocop attachment OVER one's jeans. It only came to light after I made a made dash for the bathroom. Yes. It was not quite as smooth as one would have liked. I needs to think about that. I am wearing a skirt today. I am hiding my contraption. And before you suggest anything as stupid as maybe wearing the contraption under one's jeans, may I just point out that one's jeans have limits to their expandability which have been reached by having one's leg inside them.

As I seem to be chronicling my hospital experiences ad neaseum here, I have something new to add. We are at the rolling on the floor laughing stage, which means hysteria is not far off. I had 2 letters from the hospital yesterday. One was to tell me that my next appointment with the consultant is - wait for it - 28th JANUARY 2009. What????? I don't think so. So I sat down and battled my way through answer phones and all the rest and finally got a human, who seemed as perplexed as I was about that. That can't be right she said. No indeed it is NOT right. Anyway, I told her that the moment the MRI was done, I would be back as a fixture in her clinic. She seemed to undertsand my ire. And is making a plan. Good. That one seems to be getting sorted. I live in hope.

The second letter did indeed have me rolling about laughing. It was a request to fill in my opinions of the "booking an appointment" procedure at the hospital. I rather think they have got more than they anticipated with that one. Can we just say that my ticking of some boxes would have gone through 487 pages and took up considerably more space than the little boxes. Like half the page. I do believe my feelings will be quite clear. From the ticks.

So, so far there has not been one encounter with the place which has gone smoothly and correctly. I did ponder the wisdom of putting the name of the hospital as the title of a couple of posts and having them pop up as one of the most visited sites on a google search. Oh the power. I am quite sure no other site for this hospital has in the region of 300+ visits a week. I could be their first option. Hahahahahahaha, she cackles gleefully.

I restrained myself.

And on to other things. I occupied myself yesterday by writing a "Mother's survival guide" for my son. Yes, I know he is 19 and quite capable, but he needed basic essentials like what temperature to do his washing etc. Here it is all pre-set. Not to mention the favourite recipes. It was fun. And it was good to do while I kept a list next to it of all the things he needs to take with him when he goes. Things I still need to get for him, and things we have somewhere in this house. The weeks are flying by and before long he will be off. Where and when - that depends on his results. Universities start at different times here.

He is getting really excited about it all, and that is great. It is time for him to move into the next phase of his life and spread his wings a little. For now, the list of stuff I want him to do here before he goes is growing too. It is very convenient having a 6ft 5" son about the place, especially one who is as strong as an ox and can lift and do things I cannot do. I am seizing the moment.

Andrew and Ann are coming up for the weekend, and we will celebrate their 5th anniversary on Saturday. Back to that time flying thing. And I can sit and beam at Ann's little "bump" and dream of wonderful times yet to come.

See? Life is good. And it goes on and on and on......


Pam said...

Ooh, I'm first.

Dear dear, I too tend to think that if I haven't checked for a few days, your leg will be getting better. Poor you. Though funny you, too!

How are you feeling about your son leaving home? You're being so positive about it, unlike moaning me.

What lovely friends you have, and what a lovely friend you clearly are.

Vee said...

What a nasty looking had better be doing the job! You look marvelous wearing a grin and that "thing."

Sometimes life is just too rich, which is what I would call that questionnaire about appointments...have great fun with that.

You're such a good mommy, Linds. Your son will so appreciate all the things he finds on his survival list. (Course, you might not hear from him as often.)

Have a great weekend with the kids and the beaming at the baby bump!

Needled Mom said...

This truly would be funny if it were not so serious. I do hope their plans do NOT include locking the clinic doors on you. I would be there every day to torment them.

Like my tub saga, I am not sure that we would want the "hits" on our site, but it sure would be fun to make public the issues.

The list is such a great idea for your son. It will save a lot of money making phone calls home. Interesting how one goes through life without ever noticing the small things that are important.

Enjoy making plans for that baby bump. Will it inspire you to pick up the knitting needles while enjoying your time on the couch?

Have a wonderful weekend.

someone else said...

Thanks for a wonderful laugh this morning! I love your picture -- you are so CUTE. I wish we could have coffee together......

I appreciate your comments on my post today.

Gillie said...

Oh heavens, Linds, I do love your blog! I love the laconic style, sarcasm etc. I do hope the newest summer look works and you will be back to flying about, delivering the child to uni and anything else your heart desires!
hugs, gillie

Dawn said...

Wow, your hair has really grown long! You look adorable with the brace outside your jeans - but I had to laugh when I thought of how often I wait too long, and that could be a real crisis for you!

I will never forget how excited I was as I got ready to go to college - never thinking of how hard it was for my parents to let go of their firstborn of 5. Will David be living on campus or off? It sounds like he'll be cooking.

Okay - those letters from the hospital are just too ironic - they asked for whatever they get!
I do wish you'd put their name out their in google land! They deserve that, too.

Karen said...

First time I've found time to read your blog in the past few days. Must say, I admire your tenacity! And I love your sense of humour!

I am prone to burst into laughter while reading your blog. Good thing hubby works upstairs and not beside me.

Braces have come a long way since I had to wear one when I was about 13. That contraption looks a bit scary. And those nurses...well as one myself, I can hardly comment, except to say that I would hope I read the instructions. I still remember a situation (before I was a nurse) where I had the opportunity to watch a pacemaker being put in. Interesting to see one doctor reading the instructions to the other as they did the job. It was Africa, however...

With hopes for complete healing,

Carole Burant said...

The only solution is to live in skirts, dresses and nightgowns! There, wasn't I so very helpful?? hehe Love that picture of least you can still give us that beautiful smile of yours:-)

Best of luck to your son as he prepares to go to university. I remember when my boys went through that part of their they're all done and have good jobs in their fields. Where HAS the time gone!!

I had to laugh at those two letters you received...they deserve everythign they get back! hehe xoxo

Barb said...

Oh, I laughed at the running to the bathroom only to realize....

What a great idea - a Mom's survival guide. I'll bet he wears it out.

Enjoy your visit this weekend and really, really enjoy that bump. Yes indeed - wonderful times are on their way.

Margaret Cloud said...

Hi, just stopping by to say I enjoyed your blog site, I am Margaret Cloud from the USA. It is hard when your kids leave home, all you can do is tell them you are there for them and pray, God Bless you and your family.

Lori said...

You have a pretty good attitude for everything you've been through!LOL!

I'm enjoying watching Nicole's little bump grow too!!

Pam said...

Why is David 6'5''? Are you very tall? Was Geoff? Presumably. I come from a family of little people myself, but married a tall chap to try to make up for it (mind you, he's only 6'2'').

Would David be prepared to come round Tesco for me? It could be a holiday job for him. I can never reach things on high shelves. Get him to come to Edinburgh Uni?

Mary said...

I enlarged your photo and discovered quite a bit of bagginess in the right leg of your jeans, Now, I am not suggesting it would be an easy task getting your jeans on over that magnificent contraption. However, I am thinking that you may have over exaggerated the size of your legs in the past. There not bad looking for a 50 plus year old. Looking good, kiddo!

meggie said...

Hell's Teeth! Linds. I look away for five minutes, & come back to crises! I know your knee has been bad, but I was horrified to read of your agonies with it lately.
The incompetence of those nurses...staggering, though somehow, not surprising.

Joyful Days said...

I am in awe (and NOT in a good way) about the health care system you have. Goodness. That is just unreal.

I can see why the skirt would be a good thing.

Love the idea of the "Mother's survival guide." Maybe if I start now I can have a couple done by the time my guys are 19.

Mine would include several, "don't copy Mom on this" things--or do as I say not as I do.