Saturday, August 30, 2008

Don't buy a DELL computer

Let me clarify something here - DELL UK sell 99% of their computers direct. Until recently, you could not buy a Dell computer in any store. It is all direct. Just recently, they have started selling a few items in their range through some stores. But not this one. I don't know how they sell in the States. So I can't just take it back. There is NO shop. The contract is with Dell. However, I do know where their head office is. It used to be based in Ireland, but now there is an address in Bracknell, which I have discovered. It is not that far away. They may be meeting me. Soon.

Ireland was the country of choice for quite a few computer giants moving into the UK and Europe a decade ago, because of massive EU incentives to businesses developing the local economy. When we have had our previous confrontations with the company, it has been Ireland we have had to deal with and I suspect that all their computers are still assembled and configured to your requirements there.

I went to bed at 11. Still waiting for the promised call at 6pm. Michael Dell needs to be aware of how his company is being run. Not to mention Aonghus Hegarty, who appears to be the head of UK Home sales. I also found a disturbing piece of information on line which details how their Mumbai call centre was being run in 2007, and I have no doubt things still work the same way in 2008.

When companies get so big that all the human aspects get side-lined, we have a problem. The pursuit of great profit margins, aka corporate greed, and obsession with shareholder interests before customer satisfaction with the product they make leads to the exact opposite of what they want - greater market share. If I can personally stop people from buying their product, just because I have a small voice here, then they need to listen to me. DELL does.

Because a global voice, albeit small, is still a global voice. I don't want other parents to watch their sons' and daughters' joy and delight turn to disappointment. As I said, this is not the first time it has happened to us. The theory is that you get more for your money with DELL, than, say Sony. I happen to love Sony laptops. My daughter has one. DELL is everywhere. It is unfortunate that the first thing I saw in the hospital cubicle was a DELL computer. Yesterday, sitting sorting David's student bank account, what did I see? DELL computer on the desk in front of us.

And because they have such a massive market share here in the UK, they think that one small voice is irrelevant. Hah. We will see.

Edited to add: Dell people, if you are reading this, you need to scroll down a bit to read from the start. The post entitled Ding Dong DELL is the beginning.
AND: I am aware that there is a mega problem with the NVidia graphics cards for this model. If you sold my son one, knowing the unit was faulty, you will have a bigger problem than you anticipated.


Crystal said...

Ah, it is just as i feared with the direct sales approach. In North America, Dell advertises via flyers and phone in orders, but I don't know many people who have purchased that way. I think most of us prefer to have a store with people in it.

I would be happy to let my little corner of the world know about DELL and your situation, if you want some more coverage and help. And I agree with you on the corporate greed comments.

Mary said...

Count me in! let's do an internet anti-DELL campaign. Enough already!

Blogging Voices United!!!!!

Barb said...

I couldn't agree more, Linds. The last time Rob and I had to buy a new computer, about six years ago, we considered Dell but when I found out you have to deal directly with them - you even have to order replacement printer ink cartridges from them - I thought, no way.

We stuck with Hewlitt Packard, thank goodness. Dell is a joke. Terrible customer service and it's ridiculous that you can't even go to the store to buy an ink cartridge for their printer. Who wants to wait a week for something that simple to arrive in the mail, IF they don't mishandle your order.

They need to get with the program.

Morning Glory said...

Bless your heart! This whole thing is like chewing taffy: the more you chew the bigger the taffy gets until it's impossible to swallow.

I hope DELL has found your blog.

Needled Mom said...

I hope someone from Dell reads this. Way to go, Linds.

Angie said...

Hi Linds....I'm so sorry about all of the crud you are having to put up with out of Dell. I certainly hope they sit up and take notice.

dave bish said...

There's a dead two year old DELL sitting in the corner of our living room, it's been resurrected three times in the last year but for now I can't see how to get it alive again.

Not a fan.

Jo said...

Here's a good one for you dear friend. There was a time not so long ago when I had to call Dell and was hooked up with one of thiese people that I don't care how hard I tried, I could not understand a word that was spoken. I really couldn't even tell you if it was male or female on the other end. I turned everything in the house off that made noises and squinted my eyebrows and hung my tongue out the side of my mouth and bit down ever so gently and tried really super hard to understand this person. Nothing worked. Finally, I asked very politely if they could please connect me with someone that speaks better english, because I just couldn't understand anything they said........
My reward for asking?.......
C.L.I.C.K........... They actually hung up on me!

Desia said...

Hi Linds, thanks for stopping by my blog. I've just read your husband bought one a few years ago and luckily no problems so far. We were actually thinking of getting another one for our youngest, but will now rather get an HP or something else.
And yes, I would like the apple muffin recipe. How could I forget about muffins?
The Cape Brandy tart you made, is it what's also called "tipsy tart?"
I love it too. With cream...mmm.

Dawn said...

Too late - we have two. No problems. But we have been lucky, I think!! Everyone at CSU has them, too. I can't believe you're having such problems. I really am so sorry!!

And the medical stuff. It's just too kuch for one person at one time!

We need to talk again!

Joyful Days said...

Dell really needs to get a clue. I don't think they know how small the world really is. So sorry you and David are going through this--hoping to hear Dell gets their act together.

Barbara said...

We have a Dell store locally that sells and looks after them either in the shop or in your home. When I have to renew my brilliant Dell computer i will go there rather than buy direct as I have been very satisfied with ther work and prices.

Sorry to read that yu are still having so much trouble with walking. I do hope you can be helped soon.