Tuesday, August 26, 2008

It is Tuesday (a breathtakingly original title)

It has been a Bank Holiday weekend here in England. A fairly quiet time, but the weather is actually warming up a little and we should have no rain this week! Summer! It may yet arrive!

We are officially now the host nation for the 2012 Olympics, and the party started on Sunday afternoon. All over the country. 1000s were in the Mall for the main Rock concert, and Michael Phelps, bless the boy, was there too, on his first visit to London. To say that the nation is proud of Team GB is an understatement. They way exceeded expectations, and we ended up 4th in the medal table, which, when you take the size of the population compared to the 3 above us, is a remarkable achievement. The "feel good factor" is alive and well in the country.

Remember that book I ordered back in June and have been waiting for impatiently ever since? The one which arrived last week? Well, I took that book into the bath to read while I wallowed. I read page 1, and page 2 and then I fell asleep and DROPPED IT IN THE BATH. It is now in a damp state and totally unreadable at the moment. I, understandably, am not all that impressed with myself. Sigh. I am being taught a lesson in patience, and the precarious consequences of reading in the bath. Ho hum. And the book? It is the Winding Ways Quilt - the latest in the Elm Creek books. It did not come with water wings. What a pity.

I am intrigued by how many of you who left comments on the laptop debacle have had similar experiences with Dell. One would think that they would move their call centres out of eastern parts and relocate them in the countries where they should be. Especially when there are technical things to be discussed.

Call centres drive me crackers. The worst one is British Rail here in the UK. If you phone a call centre, you get someone in Mumbai. And while they may have an excellent grasp of English, British towns are notorious for having names which sound totally unlike the way they are spelt. Bicester is pronounced Bister. Beaulieu is Bewlee. Norwich is Norritch, Plymouth is Plimith. You can see where there may be complications, and heaven forbid you may want to go to a Welsh town. At that point, there is no option other than to throw your hands (and the phone) in the air, and admit defeat. And forget the trains. Walk. Or drive. The loss of goodwill, not to mention sales, has to be more important than the profit margin on operating said call centres. Unfortunately there are not many sensible people like us there in big corporations. We are too busy rocking the cradles and ruling the world.

So tomorrow is the C day. Computer and Consultant. 68 days since I damaged my knee. Nearly 10 weeks. And I still don't know what is wrong with it. But I will tomorrow.

Yesterday, I made a Cape Brandy Tart. I dreamt of it the night before, and so I had to make one. It is years since I did, and it is just a delicious. It reminded me of Cape Town. And my youth. You eat it warm with cream, and it is the most delicious cake. It is made with dates, and is a sponge type cake, and then, the best part is that you pour loads of liquid syrup (with brandy) over the top, so it swims in the stuff, and soaks in, and it is sticky, moist and totally divine. I know. I ate a fair bit. Who cares re the hips. It also freezes well, which is a good thing, or I would be in serious trouble. I will take a photo when I feel the urge to eat some more. Which may be soon.

This is a random post which meanders off in all directions. But I think you guys are used to that. It is now 8.19am. Time for brandy tart yet????

I will be back.


Pam said...

Such a fun post, Linds. Congrats on the great showing on the Olympics. Good Form, I must say. : )

So sorry to hear about your poor book. I hope it dries out ok and still is a pleasant read.

Enjoy that brandy tart and pour a glass of wine for me.

Dawn said...
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Dawn said...

Oh, Linds, you just make my morning! What an adventurous life you are having from your couch these days. I for one cannot believe it took so long for that book to arrive! I am reading the last 4 or 5 before I can read that one. I had it on hold at the library - when I came to my turn, I had to cancel the order because I don't have as much time to read as I thought I would in this glorious thing called retirement! So now it's on hold again, and I'm going to have to cancel it again - same problem. Someday!! I sure hope it dries out enough to be able to read it. I can't fall asleep in my tub, because it doesn't lend itself to comfortably leaning back - I can't take baths any more, because this crazy old body of mind has a hard time getting out! That's the one thing that has made me feel older than anything else. And I will NOT buy one of those old people's tubs they advertise on the telly (is that a good Brit word?)

YOur comments about the train "customer service" mispronouncing towns just cracked me up. But what a pathetic way to run a business!! Unbelievable. When I was working with Kev's junk after he went to Teen Challenge, I was talking to a credit card company - I thought it was in Dallas, silly me. I finally asked the guy and he was from India, of course. I asked me to please give me to somebody who spoke English and understood credit cards. It's so frustrating!!

Yikes - that cake sounds sinfully delicious! If you're like me, you'll discover you like it frozen just as well!

So where are they going to build all these venues for the Olympics? What a massive and expensive undertaking!

Well, didn't mean to write a book here - it's a lovely morning and I'm going to bike to the gym. TaTa!

P.S. That was me who deleted the above comment - rather than show my ridiculous typo!

Anonymous said...

I'm a first time commenter but long time reader. I hope all goes well with the doctor tomorrow and you finally get some answers. We so take for granted when we are healthy and feeling well. Maybe now you will truly be on the road to recovery!!

someone else said...

Thanks for starting me off with a good laugh this morning. Oh, your poor book. What??? No water wings?? Send it back, dear friend, send it back.

I love your humour.

I'll be waiting to hear the doctor's report.

Vee said...

Linds, you make me laugh out loud. How I could laugh over a book not having water wings is a bit concerning...I feel that I am not at my empathetic best.

Please post recipe if you get the chance.

Sandra said...

LOL I'm sorry you dropped your book in the bath after waiting so long for it. That stinks!

Said a prayer that everything goes well at the doctors, let us know ok?


Crystal said...

Will you please make that tart for me when I come to visit you?!! It sounds delish! And too bad about your book - I know the feeling :( Are those good books to read? I may have to visit the library and ask for them.

Good luck with the computer and the doctor. Save a piece of tart for tomorrow - I hope you can enjoy it in true celebration!!

Diane@Diane's Place said...

You'd think that a book from a series titled "Elm Creek" would have experience with water, maybe even water wings. How disappointing! ;o)

Good luck with solving the computer issues, and with the diagnosis and treatment for your knee.

And yes, you MUST post the recipe for the tart. :o)



Susie said...

Hi Linds,
I laughed at the adventures of your swimming book. (although I'm sure it wasn't one bit funny to you)
Your tart sounds delish. I'd love to see the recipe.
Has it really been 10 weeks? I don't know where this summer has gone!
I've said a prayer for your doctor visit tomorrow. I'm thinking healing thoughts

Joyful Days said...

Oooooooooooh that Cape Brandy Tart sounds fabulous. That would not last long here. I would never have any left to freeze.

A while back I managed to soak a book. Sadly it fell, not into a bathtub, but into the...well the other thing that resides in the bathroom.

Not the sink. The other thing.

It was a library book, too.

For the record I wasn't reading it in there--the book was in my purse and I needed to use the ladies room.

I got some stares when I exited. I can laugh about it now.