Friday, June 10, 2011

Beads and assorted other pearls.......

I went to Hobbycraft this morning. That was a fiscal disaster. I had been on an emergency dash to get a friend's son to school for his Maths GCSE exam, which he thought started at 1.30pm, not 9.30AM, and decided to recover from the adrenalin rush by popping in to see what was on offer once I dropped him at the school doors. If I tell you that the call came at 9.17am and I had to get to his house in the next village before 9.30 so that he was supervised at all times until I screeched to a halt at the school doors, and handed him over to the teacher waiting for him, you will understand the adrenalin rush thing. Hunched over the steering wheel zooming down the dual carriage way, telling the child to breathe, relax, just do his best....... He was late, but he got there. Mission accomplished.

So on to Hobbycraft. Their beads were half price because they were being discontinued. Well. I may need thousands of beads. You never know. It was my duty to aid the economy, I feel. If there is ever a global shortage of beads, you know where to come. I have this grand idea of adding beads to the edging of the prayer shawl, you see. However, I have NO idea how you crochet in beads. YouTube. I need to check YouTube. What on earth did we do before the advent of YouTube?

(In case you are confused, yes, I knitted the shawl, but I am crocheting an edge.) (If it doesn't work, I will make another plan.)

We are officially in the middle of a drought. It was on the news this morning. 5 counties so far, and more almost there. According to the weather forecast, it is supposed to rain on and off all day. Well, let me tell you that the skies may be grey, and the wind may be cold, but there is zero precipitation. And I can't believe I am saying this, but I wish it would just rain. Soak the garden, and fill my water butts. I am obsessing about those water butts. I need another one. I am eternally grateful that David is home and can carry the buckets of water down stairs from the bath every day. The more the garden grows, the more water it needs. Mind you, it wouldn't grow if I didn't water so much, would it? Hmmm. Maybe I can put it on a water diet. Slowly.

I think not. I love my garden. But you have heard that a time or twenty.

What else can I tell you......

  • Petrol prices are soaring again, and apparently could reach £2.00 a litre by the end of the year. I need to find a donkey or something. And a cart. 
  • Gas and electricity prices are soaring. I need to make more quilts, and buy a supply of coal for the BBQ or start chopping up furniture.
  • Food prices are soaring because of the petrol, gas and electricity prices soaring. And the drought. And because profit is the name of the game. I need to stop eating.
  • We have a strawberry glut at the allotment. I can live on strawberries.
  • And lettuce.
  • I have Amazon gift vouchers and I cannot bring myself to spend them. It is such a wonderful feeling knowing that I COULD buy things!
  • I finished that book. I still think I need to have a chat with the author. 
  • My house is in chaos, but I really don't mind right now. As long as the lounge is clear and the guest loo is tidy, it is all fine.
  • I am scraping the barrel here.
I am now going to work out how to watch catch up TV. On my son's old laptop. On the couch. With coffee. And my crochet hook and a tray of beads. I WILL learn how to crochet in beads. I WILL. 


The Bookworm said...

Oh my! As the mother of a GCSE-ing daughter that story gives me the shivers! Fortunately she is an extremely organised daughter so hopefully that isn't too likely to happen here.

Have fun with the beads! I don't dare go to Hobbycraft.

Hmm. The word verification is "dinar". Clearly Blogger has decided in the light of the rising petrol prices to use Arabic currency.

Crystal said...

Your life is full to the brim with people and situations and stories to tell :) I know we could do so much more to reuse water and make it go further. My daughter saves the water from washing fruits and vegetables to water the plants on her deck. All it takes is another way of thinking. And prices of everything continue to soar here too! Have fun with the beads - I'm going to send you a link to a cool trellis project that used a great big frame, wire and beads. It looked very cool on the outside wall when it was done and the plant started climbing. Happy Farmer's Day (only in Alberta, I think!)!!

Vee said...

Crystal is giving me ideas. It may only be Farmer's Day in Alberta, but I think I can make it a "Farmer's Day" here as well.

I'd like to be more frugal with water because it costs so much!

My house is in chaos and I'm hating every minute. Perhaps I could think about it a different way.

When you find out how to crochet beads...btw, thank you for the explanation about whether you're knitting or can do a tutorial.

Your life sounds about like the Keystone Cops, including a speed scene. Ha! Hope that you get to slow down this weekend.

Needled Mom said...

Sounds like it was quite the morning for you!!! Breathe, rest, breathe.

Beads galore? You will find out that they are threaded onto the yarn prior to starting your project, I'm sure. It is the same way with tatting. I always love the addition of beads to work and can't wait to see yours.

Our economy is going the same way. Everything keeps going up, up, up and never returns to the original prices.

Stripeyspots said...

Ooh, beads...

Linda said...

I feel a bit breathless Linds!
Thousands of beads sounds like a treasure to me. Of course you had to do your part!
If we ever get any rain, I promise to send you what we don't need. Isn't it terrible to need rain so desperately. I find myself constantly looking into the heavens, even when there isn't a cloud in the sky! I am trusting the Lord will send us all that we need. It is just that it is so terribly dry right now.
Have a fun weekend - all those beads...