Sunday, June 12, 2011

Rainy days.......!

There is a roast cooking away in the oven, and the house smells divine. Sunday. Hallelujah, we have rain today! Just drizzling rain, but I live in hope that the water butts (yes, them again) will fill up, and more to the point, seeing that it is decidedly not tropical out there, I won't have to water the garden today. Instead, I can burrow under the fleece on the couch and play with wool. Sounds good to me.

I would do some sewing, or quilting, but that requires access to the sewing room. Not an option right now. So wool it is. The prayer shawl is finished and it is beautiful. I beaded a border, which I had crocheted and it worked. It took about 10+ attempts to get it right, but I am really pleased with the result. I will take photos. I promise. Maybe this week will be the download week. Where I pluck up the courage to download something. At the moment, the computer is faster than normal, because, apart from some bookmarks, there is absolutely nothing on it. I must say that I am already a fan of Google Chrome. IE pales into insignificance beside it.

I have been creaking a bit these last few days. Well, the last week or so actually. Really battling to walk with anything close to ease. Not great. But that has meant that I have been sitting and doing other stuff. There are always others in a worse position, though. Last night, I went to watch my young friend Julia's award winning movie at her parents' home. This was her dissertation project, as cinematographer, and it was absolutely stunning. Moving. Beautiful. It won a national award here in the UK. And one of my friends there to watch it too is waiting for a major back op or two, and is in agony. We compared painkillers, as one does.

Today is Pentecost, of course. Church this morning was wonderful, and I want to tell you about a couple of things our vicar said. One is that maybe we are not thirsty enough. Jesus said - come to me if you are thirsty.  Life is actually quite cushy, we are in control/can fix it ourselves/ have it sorted. We are not needy enough. Not thirsty enough.  And not happy to admit neediness, or thirst. Hmmm. Very true. That in itself throws up a great many thoughts.
And another thing - Jesus said streams of living water. He did not mention ponds, or pools or puddles, for that matter. Ponds can become stagnant. He said streams. Rivers. They move constantly, and flow through us and out of us into the community. If we keep the water in a pool, it loses everything.

Things to ponder on the couch this afternoon.

He said a great deal more too - about how the disciples did not retreat to a back room once the Holy Spirit descended, and have a committee meeting, or create sub-committees which met for a couple of years deferring decisions and creating rules. Sound familiar? It does to me. They barrelled out there and spread the word. Mission started that day.
Full steam ahead and full of fire. Isn't that the way it is supposed to be?

There was loads to think about.

On a more familiar and mundane subject - I dug up 4 pots of potatoes. I have dozens. I dug them up because they looked appalling and offended my gardener's eye. The reason they looked awful, I discovered,  is that they were ready to be eaten. That hot spell in March /April sort of accelerated things a bit. So the harvest has begun already! And I now have somewhere to plant the flowers and lettuce in the greenhouse too.

I just checked the roast. Lunch may be supper after all. Quite a way to go. Maybe a nap is in order.

Have a lovely Sunday!


Crystal said...

We had new potatoes for lunch yesterday and they were delicious! Enjoy yours. We are just getting ready for church (we are greeters today!) and I hope our message will be as good as yours sounds. Great words and thoughts to ponder today. I hope supper was delish!

Linda said...

So glad you got rain Linds. We are waiting still. A brilliant sun is blazing in a clear blue sky again today.
Thank you for sharing what you heard in church. I think it so true. Last night we heard about God's passion for the world. It made me realize anew how self-centered I am - all about me and mine. There is a world of hurting people who need to know, through us, that God is good.
Much food for thought.
That roast must be done by now! Enjoy dear Linds.

Vee said...

Lovely to have the rain when it's needed. We have a cold rain today.

John was just going to share what the pastor said about Pentecost today when I got involved and still haven't heard it. I'll share what your vicar said and get him to tell me what the pastor said.

Oh, I have a roast in the fridge...guess I'll be cutting it into steaks as I have no time for baking a roast. One red skinned potato and some stir-fry veggies. Good...plenty until I grocery shop tomorrow.

I'm off for a nap myself. So tired today...

Helen in Switzerland said...

Oh I envy you your vicar Linds. We had a chap visiting from the UK today and the sermon was dreadful - read in a drone and long and I don't remember a single word of it. What a waste.

Needled Mom said...

Yeah for the rains!!! I hope that it will fill the butts AND running streams.

I always love seeing the church decorated all in reds and this morning's service was just as lovely. Your sermon definitely gives us lots to ponder.

That roast is sounding wonderful. After reading about those new potatoes this week, I purchased a leg of lamb for dinner this evening. YUM! It's all your fault. ;~))

Kelli said...

I cannot WAIT to see the pictures of the shawl! And I wish I was there to enjoy your garden, your rain, your roast and most of all you :)

Becky said...

It sounds like you heard a great sermon this morning. Inspiring!

I'm really glad you're getting some rain. I remember how parched and cracked the ground was when we were there in April. While we were enjoying the sunshine and warm temps, the farmers were having a tough go of it.

Dawn said...

I'd love some new little potatoes - we only planted once and it didn't go so well.

The service sounds wonderful. We had a great one today as well - a challenge to not "settle" but dream big dreams that only God can fulfill.

The roast sounds delicious - I'll bet David will be happy when it's ready.