Monday, June 27, 2011

Monday, and it is very hot.....

Oh heavens - it is HOT, people. Humid too. As in dripping kind of weather. I am already looking forward to the possible thunderstorm later this evening. I popped along to gym to see if my waiting list place for the pilates class was now a real place, but ended up doing the floor (stork) exercises instead. More dripping. Those of you who go to gym will know what I mean when I say that even after a long shower, the dripping continues, which means that make-up becomes a real challenge. And I forgot my sandals, so emerged from gym (still dripping, of course) wearing a skirt and top and trainers. You have no idea how classy I looked. However, it was QUITE clear that I had been exerting myself somewhat.

So home, and Jean popped in for coffee and we sat in the beautiful garden. You know, I am like a child on Christmas morning, walking around and SO excited when I see new flowers blossoming, as they are doing throughout the day now. It is all so lovely and smells so gorgeous and I want to jump up and down and yell "Yay!!" but I am no longer 8 so I restrain myself, you will be pleased to hear.

 This is what that Chocolate fridge cake looks like. You will have gained 50 calories looking at the photo. I apologise for my lack of organisation - talking about it one day, recipe the next and photos the day after. Organisation is not one of my talents, I fear.

 The two photos above are of my flowers at the front door. And my beans. And 3 pots of chrysanthemums. I thought they were dead a few months ago, but they are very much alive.

And this is right next to my chair under the apple tree. Such pretty colours. Sigh. I do go on about the garden.

It is now evening, and we had a BBQ  for supper. In the rain. It started raining just as the coals were the right temp, so there I was, under the apple tree, BBQing in the rain. As one does. (Hooray! Federer just won! I can breathe again.) I am from Africa. We do not stop the BBQ when it rains. The food was delicious, and the rain did stop.

This is very random and bitty today. I think the heat has addled the brain. I will be back tomorrow. There is hope - it is supposed to be cooler.


Anonymous said...

Vicky from East Texas...Your garden is absolutely beautiful! You dripped earlier in the morning...and ended up dripping in the evening! Sounds like a wonderful day to me. I enjoy reading your blog so much. Thanks for writing it and for being so you in it. So refreshing!

Linda said...

You may not have a talent for organization Linds, but you most definitely have a talent for growing beautiful flowers. I am so impressed!
I think it must feel a bit like Texas there today. Our heat, however, will continue long into tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow!
Thank you for your little note. It was so hard to say good-by.

Anne said...

I love the heat, I just don't like the sun.

My ideal weather is what my dad used to call "Camelot Weather" That is a steady 20 degrees during the day, hazy sunshine and rain only between the hours of midnight and 4am, enough to water the gardens!

Wouldn't it be lovely?

Vee said...

Your love for your garden is a great joy to read about. Truly. And I have no problem with your bouncing and bounding about yelling "yay" as joy knows no age limits. I hope. Now what is that purple flower that looks as if it holds a gem? It's lovely and unfamiliar to me.

Needled Mom said...

Hot or not, your flowers look gorgeous!!!! I hope the rains cooled you off a bit.

Kelli said...

You realize with the bits and pieces you post of your home through photos and the village and KILLING me I want to see it all. NOW. NOW. NOW. Oh, and hug you around the neck. FIRST. FIRST. FIRST!

Kelli said...

***ok, Are Killing Me. You know, spellcheck first dumdum. Well, love me anyway. Please.