Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Summer days......

 Just in case you got the idea that there was nowhere to sit and relax in my garden, here is evidence that seats abound.

 This is where I love to sit, under my leaning apple tree. In the shade. I haven't got anywhere to hang those 2 hanging baskets. Yet.
 Sandra made some of these Mary go rounds last week, so I had a go too, and they are super quick and easy to do. You crochet round bangles, and it is just 3 rows!
And here is the prayer shawl. Knitted (yes, this is Linds speaking) in sets of 3 stitches. With an invented crocheted border (trial and error works) and beads (even more trial and error and much stringing of beads onto wool which meant breaking it to get them on and then sewing in a multitude of ends) but we will ignore the learning process part, won't we. I am happy with the way it turned out. Me. Knitting. Good grief.

I am perfecting my stork impersonation. While standing on a foam half pipe wobbly thing. It looks simple but HAH. It is not. So all those people dancing about at a furious pace in the gym may look impressive, but so is standing on one leg on a piece of foam.

Just as well I am not competitive.

And then, Jean and I went to take a carload of books and old tv sets to the charity place, and had coffee. I may not mention the lemon cheesecake which completely undid the time standing like a stork.

Home, and a lovely long chat to a friend. An old friend. We met when our boys started school, and as they are 34 now, that was a long time ago. It is always such a delight to chat to her, and even better that she lives in the UK too, although down on the Isle of Wight, which is not exactly round the corner. Nice to know she is in the same country! Oh, how we laughed at some memories. Special times.

It is the most beautiful day today - the sun is shining and the skies are blue, and there is no wind. I am doing battle with bindweed in the front garden, and a friend suggested putting sticks into the ground and letting the wretched weed climb them, then kill it. Hmmm. Not sure quite how that works, but I can do the sticks in the bed bit and see. The neighbours will think I am planting stunning tall things. At least it is green.

Summer days. Doors and windows open. Birds tweeting. Plants drooping in the heat. Bees buzzing about. Sounds of voices in the gardens. Cold drinks. Towels drying in the sun.

Time to be lazy.


Crystal said...

It sounds peaceful and simply lovely! We are in the midst of a showery spell here and when the sun shines. everything is growing by leaps and bounds. I must plant the square foot box that Bob built for me on the weekend. It's going to be sweet peas and tomato plants, maybe some nastursiums on the edges to hang down and look beautiful. Can't you just see it?! Enjoy your day!

Vee said...

Oh, Linds, I do love the knitting with the beaded and crocheted edging. May those beads hold up!

Keep on storking or whatever it is that you're doing. I can't stand on one foot myself for any length of time and certainly don't want to try on a foam cylinder.

Keep right on enjoying that lovely garden...

Needled Mom said...

Your knitting looks wonderful! That is a lovely prayer shawl.

Your garden seating area looks so pleasant and must be most enjoyable on sunny days like you are experiencing.

How wonderful it was to chat with an old friend. You two go back a few years!!!

Linda said...

What a lovely spot to sit Linds. I can imagine you sitting there with a book or your handwork.
The shawl is lovely. You did a beautiful job.
It is a beautiful sunny day here too. We do have an abundance of sunshine!

Anonymous said...

Prayer shawl is beautiful. Could a beginning knitter accomplish that with some other type edge (I don't know how to crochet).

Anne said...

Someone told me about that bindweed trick a few years back. They swore by it, after spraying with glyphosate over the growing season, they reckoned they got rid of the problem.

I usually use Resolva on my most persistent weeds.

Kelli said...

I just love the garden :) and that shawl is amazingly precious. You did a beautiful job. Beautiful!