Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Brackets, magazines, feet and videos......

The longest day today - or the shortest night. And finally, at 8pm, the sun is shining. Tennis on TV, and all quiet on the home front.

I went back to see the podiatrist today, and I will be getting permanent inserts for my shoes in a month's time. They have been ordered. Hopefully I will not need them permanently. He will check in 4 months time and see how the knee is doing, and then we will decide. He also modified a few of the exercises I am doing at the gym, and his reasons made perfect sense, so I will change them. I did ask about the pain in my feet - the outsides are meeting the ground where they have never done so before, and I cannot describe how painful it can be, but he said they will be OK. Right. We will see. I am the crone you see hobbling along.

So the highlight of the day has been the acquisition of some brackets for the remaining hanging baskets from the 99p store. They have yet to grace my walls, but I have them. This is progress. I also found some small ones to hang all my garden paraphernalia on in the sale at the local shop for 50p each, so that was a bargain of the highest order. AND I finally found a copy of Molly Makes, the new crafty magazine. I have looked all over the place for a copy, so that was wonderful. I have just glanced through it, but there are some great ideas. I may need to invest in one or two as they come out. I gather they are on sale in the US too, and I know Sandra found a copy and loves it.

There are sweetpeas on my tables, and we are munching our way through the vegetables the garden is producing. I don't know when last I actually bought any. This is what I LOVE about summer and having a garden. I can't wait for the tomatoes to grow and ripen too. A good idea Jean has - if you have a tomato which tastes great, squeeze a few pips onto some roller towel, and let them dry in the sun. Next year, plant the roller towel. Her mother did that all her life, and always had the best tomatoes. So that is what I am doing too. I just write the name of the tomato and the date on the roller towel, and when it is dry, it goes in my seed basket.

David spent the morning trying to get the links up to copy our family videos onto the computer to save. well. The cables had the wrong ends, so we got some right parts, and then were all set to start when we found that the driver is not on the supplied CD, and the link to the website does not work. frustration at its best. we decided to leave it for Andrew to sort out. Clearly we are missing a link somewhere. But it was good fun to watch an old video of David at one year old. Hilarious. I would love to take snippets from all the home videos and make a movie for my children. Hopefully I will be able to, once I learn how, of course, and once the videos are copied. Andrew? I need help!!

Time to go and play with the crochet hook again..........


Anne said...

I was just looking at that magazine in Morrisons! It looked really lovely but they're all quite expensive for me when you only have a small pension.

I might try the local Library.

Isabelle said...

I'm glad it was sunny with you because it's POURING here. Brr.

Needled Mom said...

I love the tomato idea on the paper towels. Will have to give that one a try.

I hope the foot inserts help. I got them after a bout with plantar facitis and they were wonderful. The pain was incredible so I know what you mean.

Good luck with the techy stuff. It can be so frustrating and much better to leave it to the younger generation!!!!!

Dawn said...

Your veggies sound wonderful - I would like to have a garden, but not the work that goes with it! At least I would like to have tomatoes. They take so long to grow around here that they're usually still green at the first frost.

Hope you get the computer stuff sorted out!