Saturday, June 25, 2011


Given my lack of a working oven at the moment, and another call to do coffee duty at church tomorrow morning (which requires cakes) I decided to make chocolate fridge cake. Two. Well, three, actually - one is for us and any random visitors who may pop in this weekend. I did consider cupcakes again, but seriously, I am still suffering from post traumatic stress after the egg debacle. And I would have had to invade one friend's kitchen. And I want to stay home.

Anyway. There are loads of calories lurking in my fridge as I speak. I may need to up the gym visits, because I am absolutely going to sample one. It is decades since I last made them! I can't think why.....

Our tropical weekend is not quite here yet. It is warm out, but there is no sun, and I just remembered that I have not switched on the TV and I have been missing the tennis. Hang on a sec.....

Roger is playing and is one set up so far. Good.

David and I ventured out this morning to the supermarket, along with what appeared to be the entire population of the county. Bedlam. I actually start hyperventilating in a mild way when I am in very crowded places, you know - the risk of someone bashing into my knee with their trolley increases and it is all subconscious, but there nonetheless. I had forgotten how nice it is to have someone to do the packing and lifting. Sons are very useful. And let me tell you, the sneaking something into the trolley thing is still going on, even when your child is 22 and 6'4". However, he did offer to pay for the next supermarket venture. There is that. So maybe I will sneak something into the trolley then. Hah.

I am on the home stretch with the new blanket for the lounge - half the edging to go and then the finishing off and it will be done. It is so relaxing to just crochet away in the evenings. Until you sort of nod off and then discover the next evening that the entire last row is a total mess, and have to undo it! But it has been fun to do.

The rain came last night - and the garden got a thorough soaking. The water butts are full and this morning, everything seems to be even larger. Constant soaking rain is SO good for the garden.

OK, people - I need to go out into the garden and potter a little while. Have a lovely Saturday!


Vee said...

It is? My garden has been rained upon for five rotten days and looks despicable.

Oh your cake looks yummy. Perhaps that is what I need instead of the pills I mentioned in my post.

Hadn't thought of the worry that could come with being with a lot of people...oh, yes, my friend with fibromyalgia often puts her hands up and says, "Don't hug me."

Glad that your son knows how to sneak a treat in somewhere. It's the least he deserves, I'm sure.

Have a happy weekend, Linds. Enjoy the tennis.

Isabelle said...

You may have to blog that recipe?

I've just read your widows post and immediately emailed my friend Anne (it's a bit late to phone) whose husband died suddenly last autumn. Thanks for the reminder. We'll meet for coffee soon. Luckily she has a live-in grown-up step-grandson for heaving things around.

Needled Mom said...

Isn't it wonderful to have a son around for all that lifting, sorting and packing??? I am sure there are many other reasons to enjoy having him home.

So glad that you got that wonderful rain. It's a little free watering from the skies.

Enjoy your tennis and puttering and I can't wait to see the finished project.