Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Pilates discovered......

I started a pilates class today. I have never been to one before. I have been to yoga, but this was new for me, and even though you are not bouncing and leaping about, good grief, you use muscles. Thankfully, the really lovely young teacher knows all about neural damage, and gave me an exercise to practice. She also told me that my neural network would be confused after the class, and believe me, it is. It kept trying to compensate.

It was really odd, you know.... I could lie on the floor, and raise my bad leg in the air with my head and shoulders off the ground. But when it came to the good leg, my head crashed back on the floor and nothing I did could get it to lift. Weird. But when I asked about it, that was when she told me the neural whatsits were confused and fighting back. Rewiring the brain is a tough business, people. I need to practice marching. Left right left right with opposite legs and arms. It is quite a while since I did that, and the neural thing has forgotten.

So I have a headache. I think the neural things are in a tizz. Tingling and pins and needles and goosebumps are the order of the day and it is not comfortable, but if I regain some control ultimately, it is all worth it. And we most certainly worked the core muscles. They have been rediscovered. I did stifle mild hysteria when she told us to put our hands on our rib cages (!!!!) and feel them moving. Hmmmm. I felt an awful lot which did not in any way shape or form remember bony bits. Not that I aspire to be bony. I can't think of anything worse. I remember in my very skinny days, I found sitting in the bath impossible. It hurt the bony bits. We will not be returning to those days. That, let me add, was just before David arrived. We have been cushioned ever since.

So I came home, and decided it was time to hang up those remaining hanging baskets. David and I managed to get them up. I was a little alarmed when the hammer drill made the one brick shift a bit, but the house is still standing, thank heavens, and the baskets are in place. It was like surgery - "Scalpel (drill), hammer (retractor), screw (needle), bracket (swab), screwdriver, drill...." And they were slapped into my hand. I had a very able assistant.

So, the tennis is on, and the kettle just boiled, and my neural thingies and I will be retiring to the couch for a nap while we watch the tennis. I look at the grey skies outside and hope in vain for rain, but the clouds scoot across the sky, and the sun re-emerges. Teasing us. We really need a week or two of gentle soaking rain. Even though that may play havoc with the tennis. Our poor farmers.

Aiyaiyai.... so much I want to do and while the spirit is willing, the body is not co-operating. Naps are good. Power naps.



Needled Mom said...

I hope the body eventually gets adjusted to the torture you are imposing on it!!!!

I hope the farmers will get their gentle rains in due time for their crops. It is so crucial.

Midlife Mom said...

I have never tried Pilates but sure should do something. After my wonderful loss of 31 lbs. last year I find that a lot of it has crept back and I just don't seem to have the desire to get cracking again. Sigh...

I had a lot of catching up to do with you! The last time I logged on you were having virus troubles so the wimp that I am I ran like mad to try not to catch it. ha! Glad things are all straightened out now.

Your roses are just spectacular! Gorgeous!!!!!! I wish I had a green thumb where they are concerned but I usually kill them except the old fashioned ones and they survive and thrive. The smell is intoxicating when I walk by them. I call my garden my therapy.

The pictures of your home are lovely! I so enjoy seeing other peoples homes and how they decorate, sometimes copying something I like..... :o)

Congrats to David for passing his studies!!! That's a lot of work on his part AND your part!

Wish we could send you some of our rain. It seems like it's feast or famine doesn't it? It seems like every weekend we get rain and gloom. Not great for the lake but much better then the flooding they are getting in so many places here.

Your prayer shawl is gorgeous!!!!!

Linda said...

Naps are decidedly good Linds. I tried Pilates a couple of times and I am all admiration that you are doing it. It is a real workout.
We had rain last night - 1 3/4" in the rain gauge. We are so very thankful. Like you - we could use days and days of a good soaking rain, but we will take this with deep gratitude.

Kathleen said...

I am impressed. I was at PT today and my muscles are still hurting .. That's physical therapy. I am hoping to graduate to yoga soon :)

Helen in Switzerland said...

Pilates is BRILLIANT Linds - it has cured me of 20 YEARS of shoulder and back problems - and improved my waistline to boot. It's surprisingly effective even though you're only doing little movements. I can do things now that I couldn't 10 years ago. Stick with it - it works!!

The Bookworm said...

I find the biggest advantage of cushioning is that my bony kids consider me cuddly. The downside is that - much to their puzzlement - I cannot feel a mobile phone in my pocket vibrate. Clearly the slight extra wobbling of wobbly bits is too insignificant to register. Good luck with the neural readjustment!