Saturday, September 17, 2011

And the rest of the photos........

I fell asleep. 
David and I always go for walks as often as we can. They usually end up being adventures of the unplanned variety, but this time, they were almost uneventful. Lovely. We walked to the grotto through this forest - another of my favourite places. No, the world is not tilted at an odd angle - David likes taking "different" photos. And yes, that is me in the distance plodding on. Rear views are never attractive, are they.....

 There was much activity in the garden - David did the lawn mowing, and we all managed to fix the roof of the little garden seat, and then we varnished it, and as there was residual varnish in the tin, we did the garden bench and then a table and 2 benches for good measure. They will be able to survive the feet of snow which will cover the garden in the next few months. And there was always vegetable harvesting to do, and watering and dead-heading, of course. Home from home!
 Missy loves going to the mountains. Well, if you had a little house, swings, slides and plenty of room to run around, you would too, if you were just 2 and a half! Not to mention the veritable toy shop her Grauntie has amassed for her. She is one very loved little girl.
 Remember a while back, I mentioned making something with the scroll saw? I made a family tree for Marge for her birthday. We were there to celebrate it with her this year, which was so good. It looks lovely on the wall above the fireplace, and the autumn colours go well in her house. (We have both changed our homes to autumnal colours now.)
 The names of the family are randomly positioned. And there is plenty of room to add more as years go by. She liked it, so that was good. I assembled it there, because it would not have survived intact otherwise. And so it was varnished there too. Marge has a great workshop. If we have time, we have such fun making things together. So I know where things are!
 And then there was more time spent with Missy. She does love her slide, I have to say, and the entire family has now clambered onto it, and managed to get down the slide bit too. The photos are diabolical. When Greatgranny managed it, I was doomed. One cannot let one's 85 year old mother out-perform one. Oh no. It was a trifle hilarious when we looked at the weight warning on the slide and it mentioned 27kgs. HahahahHAHAHAHA. The good news is that it is still standing.
 She LOVES baking. Helping. Cooking. Ann is so patient with her, and they have great fun making lovely cakes. Which usually have pink icing, because Missy adores pink. And why not.
And home. The house is now in autumn mode. The colours are warm and cheerful, and it gets dark so much earlier all of a sudden, and there is a distinct chill to the air. Time to pile up the blankets and quilts in preparation for the cold weather. Judging by the number of berries on the holly tree, it could be a cold winter.

So I will try to remember to take photos of the house to show you too. Later. If the sun is shining.


Helen in Switzerland said...

It sounds like such a fun time - I'm glad you made it safely down the slide - and that great granny did too!! Go grannies!!

Becky said...

Three cheers for grannies!!

Dawn said...

Such a beautiful place. I must get there someday!

Looks like an absolutely perfect time - and what a haven for a little girlie.

I love that you call your sister Grauntie - that's what we call my sis and SIL and Gruncle is good, too. They are both so wonderful to my grandgirls, and they need all the love they can get!

Have a great week-end. I'm desperately trying to get a post done - it's so hard for me these days for some reason. I have a day off, because Grandpa Dwight took the girls out on an adventure - it was supposed to be a day in the mountains, but they look pretty ominous this morning, so they're off to museums and such in Denver.

Sandra said...

I adore the photos, all of them, I think if I were to live in a place like that, I would be one of the happiest women on earth LOL

I would have really liked to have seen a pic of you going down the slide though hahahaha

Have a great weekend Linds :)

Crystal said...

I so want to visit Switzerland with you one day! The beauty speaks to my soul. The Canadian Rockies are very dramatic mountains but we don't have the green valleys with little villages. It's quite amazing the things we will do for our grands, isn't it?! I love the family tree idea - what a lovely gift. Happy Day of Praise!

Kelli said...

It sounds like you had a GRAND! time there, and cannot wait to get back. Missy is getting so very big and quite a little lady, aside from her wild streak :)

Cannot wait to see pictures of the new autumnal colors in the house. And I adore that family tree. You did a fantastic job with the jigsaw. I am duly impressed.

Love you bunches and more.

PS Any word from the attorneys after all you did? Are you now closer to be done with all this? I do hope so.