Thursday, September 01, 2011

Time flies and all that......

Today is my sister's birthday. Another year gone by and it scarecly seems possible that time moves so fast. You young ones who may be reading this today - listen well - time flies at the speed of light as the years pass by. Your mother was right. So was your grandmother. Make the most of every single moment of every single day while you are young and not creaking. The creaking bit hampers your ability to keep moving at speed too, so time flying crashes into you slowing down and IT IS NOT GREAT.

In fact, I can say with complete authority, that it is dire.

If it is not one body part giving up the ghost, it is another.

So, we will totally ignore all failing body parts and concentrate on the fact that the computer is working and the sun shone a bit, and even when life suddenly changes, there is still much to be thankful for. And why is Blogger changing interfaces and who called them interfaces? Dashboard worked for me. Facbook changes daily too. I am SO over change. I just want some things to stay the same for a little while.

 In fact, let's be real here.....I want life to be uncomplicated and smooth for a while. If life could be represented on a graph, mine would resemble the Dow Jones. Peaks and troughs and sudden downward plunges in abundance. On a good day, I would describe it as interesting. Exciting. Multi-dimensional. On a bad day, I would just go and climb into the too hard basket. The peaks are amazing The troughs dire.

Then there are the lives represented by graphs which just poddle along on a constant line. I used to wonder how people lived lives without peaks and troughs. Just even, simple, uncomplicated lives. I used to wonder if they were bored. Hmmmm.

Now? Hah. I would take that even predictability in a heartbeat. I am tired of scaling peaks. They get harder as I creak more. And those troughs? Well, I seem to hurtle down them faster than ever. Something about gravity and middle-age spread therefore mass, and increase of speed seem to conspire here.


This is a really chirpy cheery post, isn't it??

Autumn is coming. Leaves are starting to change colour. Darkness comes earlier, Nights have a definite chill. Soups and crockpots are taking on greater significance on the menu planning list. Butternut squash. Harvest.

I like Autumn. I really do like Autumn. It is time to change the house again to warm autumnal colours. Time to haul out the craft and wool baskets.

I am talking myself into this. Did you notice???

Happy Birthday, Marge! I love you loads. I couldn't imagine a better sister. You make the darker days bright.


Needled Mom said...

Time really is going much too fast. I can remember people telling me to enjoy the years when the children were little because they will go by in a flash. Did I believe them??? I do now!

Happy birthday to your dear sis.

Dawn said...

So true - every word. I would take boring any day - for a long time! I am so so tired of crises. I would love to wake up in the morning and not have a "worry" (or concern) on my heart.

Happy Birthday to Marge! Today is Kev and Angie's 10th anniversary.

You're the only person I now who uses the word "dire." I love it, and think I'll start using it!

Isabelle said...

Happy birthday, Marge. I wish I had a sister. I'm sorry about your troughs. And I wish you many happy moments too.

Becky said...

You're very fortunate to have a sister. I never really needed one growing up, but the older I get, the more I wish for someone like that.

It seems just a week ago that you changed your lovely home into summery colors. You're right -- time moves much too fast.